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Phantom review by Taran adarsh, Rajeev masand, Anupama Chopra

Phantom review by Taran adarsh, Rajeev masand, Anupama Chopra

We are finally sharing you the Phantom movie review by Taran adarsh, Rajeev masand, Anupama Chopra and these 3 of them has evaluate the film on the day it release that is 28th of August 2015. The flick has made a buzz prior before its release as Pakistan banned the film in their country because it is based on the real incident occurred in India i.e. the attacks on Mumbai Oberoi and Taj hotels. The well calibrated operation done by some non- peace followers still makes us remind the dreaded day of 26th of November 2015. The film has all the emotions in it with more of action, fear and courage. It also has romance, sadness and shocking emotions in it. Every scene in the film has been very nicely shot and brought on the cinema screen. After the public went for the film, they had given very optimist comments and views on this. Even critic Taran adarsh review says that the awaited film of prince Khan and the heart throb of male Katrina Kaif are seen together and they have a brilliant chemistry in the film with receiving 3.5 star rating. The action reaction of both the actors in the film is just stunning. The director of this show Kabir Khan is successful in bringing out the exact emotions and feelings out of the film from the audience. The film at every 15 minutes keeps the audience surprising which makes the motion picture more interesting. One after another some or the other secrets comes out and viewer’s interest goes on increasing. Taran views for the film say that the acting performance has strong grip in actors and they are far convincing in their characters. Not only Saif but even Katrina is far convincing in it as an actor.

Phantom review by Taran adarsh, Rajeev masand, Anupama Chopra

On the other side, Rajeev masand review says that it is able to relate the 60 hours that made the nation shocked and thrilled which are still in our mind. So, basically the film is made on that real incident and the film is been asking question about whether the Indian police has proved that ISI was behind the attacks occurred here. The film has the best of best cinematography and action while will make you stay surprising. The flick is based on a novel with name Mumbai Avengers. The moving picture is a political thriller that works on the terrorism done by various countries. The lead role Saif Ali Khan is a protagonist who needs a justice and that makes him reach India to Europe. He speaks more about the story of the flick that is nicely written and brought up on screen. The director has crafted the global terrorism growing around the world very smartly and interesting so that the audience don’t get bored. Let’s go ahead for the other views given by 3rd critic.

Anupama Chopra review has examined the film very keenly and then she has made some positive comments and gave optimist views for it along with 3.5 rating for the flick. The verdict for the film is that you need to always pay a price either for the things you want to achieve or for a very personal thing. The amazing direction done by Kabir Khan has made the film reach on another level. The brilliant performance by all actors, interesting story, best screenplays and ultimate direction touches the audience heart.

After we re-evaluate the film, we get to know that the way Osama laden is killed y Americans police; the same way Saif Ali khan finishes Saeed in his home who is one of the villains in this flick. The director is once again effective in impressing the audience along with the bollywood critics. Kabir Khan has chosen a very sensitive topic for the film subject that made Pakistan to ban this film in their country but still it is going smoothly in India.

Now, we would like to have another look at the film by noticing some detail points of it. If we check, the film even after such a sensitive topic has received positive marks on the opening day itself that will make the film collect more than 15 to 20 crores of box office collection on first day of Friday. The director will be appreciated for such an amazing script and interesting shots. One more points need to be re-evaluate i.e. the underwater scene which has action sequence is elegantly cinematographed. Another point to be reconsidered is the performance by actors that keeps the audience connected till the end of the movie. One more point to go over the film is from start to end the film only get weak before the interval for some 15 to 20 minutes otherwise it has great strength to make a total box office collection of 100 crores. Please go for the film and appraise the actor director and all other crew for such an amazing work on the film.

Phantom movie star cast, trailer, story, public response, plot

Here are the movie star cast: Saif Ali khan playing a role of Daniyal Khan, Qazi Touqeer, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty and Katrina kaif in and as Nawaz Mistry.

Movie trailer

The story, plot and public response is already shared in the above paragraph.

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