Official News for the Bigg Boss 8 Winner Prediction

Providing you Official News for the Bigg Boss 8 Winner Prediction on 31st Jan, 2015

We present you the controversial reality show official news for the Bigg Boss 8 Winner Prediction on 31st January, 2015. Bigg Boss 8th season has created many news in the last 3 months with its controversies in the house among contestants. For the first time, the show is been extended for one month till 31st January 2015. 5 challengers on 3rd Jan entered into the house who were Ajaz Khan, Mehek, Sambhavna, Rahul Mahajan and Sana Khan. All these are the contestants from the past seasons of Bigg Boss house. They are given an opportunity to play once again and win the 8 season if possible. So, now in the house there are total 10 people left in the house among which Ajaz Khan is removed for misbehaving and having a physical fight with Ali Quli Mirza. Now, from among the 9 left people one of them will be out in every week. So, according to the expert views Bigg Boss 8 Winner Prediction can be Gautam Gulati or Pritam Singh. Yes, it is obvious as they are the only two people being honest in the house. The other left are just trying to catch the camera eye for footage so that they can stay for some more days in the house. We will provide you the behaviour of all the people in the house which will give you an idea of estimate front-runner.

Official News for the Bigg Boss 8 Winner Prediction

Official News for the Bigg Boss 8 Winner Prediction

Who can be the Bigg Boss 8 Winner, Prediction Name

The following are the behaviour of the contestants in the Bigg Superior house which will make you understand the forecast Champion of term 8:-

  1. Karishma Tanna- She is a very nice girl but her behaviour is very irritating as she fights for small things in the house. The most important things is she don’t accept her mistake and argue with other people with listening to them what they are saying.
  2. Ali Quli Mirza – He is good as entertainer in the house but his nature is not accepted by the audience. Firstly, he acted false and removed ajaz even after not being guilty for the whole incident occurred in the house. Secondly, he is the one cannot be trusted as he back bitches for everyone and say false to other person for getting attention and trust from other contestants. He don’t deserve to be the victor of great supervisor line.
  3. Upen Patel – He is very honest in his nature before some days but after he was out of nomination and came back he has a plan. He is seen attracted to Karishma and because this a bad impression is been coming out in the minds of audience.
  4. Gautam Gaulati – He is the man of trust and honesty. He after the big incident in house, she is so well settled with his thinking and nature that people are liking him a lot. He is the strongest contender of the house and the one who has the biggest fan following specially girls as he normally stays without t-shirt in the house exposing his body. When we talk about his nature, he thinks and then decide what to say a person which is right or wrong and even accepts the mistake he does.
  5. Mehek – She is very strong with her nature but is going negative in the house. As when she shifted to champions group, she has changed and even fought with her best friend sambhavna. She voted her for nomination which was not expected from her.
  6. Sambhavna – She is the loudest contestant in the house but the one thing you can like about her is honesty and trust which she believes is the most important thing for her. She even follow this principles as you can see in every episode.
  7. Rahul Mahajan- The way he is portraying himself he looks like an honest guy but somewhere his relation with Dimpy in the past brings a negative impression in his audience mind and even because of the flirty nature he have in the house. On the other side, he himself says I am this way outside house also, that’s really commendable to say it on camera which show that he is not fake in the house but he cannot be a winner.
  8. Dimpy- I think she is playing a game in the house. She is gaining sympathy after Rahul entry by crying and saying about him that he left me and other stuffs.
  9. Pritam Singh- The another man of honesty and trust with Gautam is the guy, Who is playing very well and is a very matured guy who takes decision by being true.
  10. Sana Khan- She is also one of the strong contestant as a challenger. We can describe her in one line that is she is truthful, Faithful, lovable and simple. Says things on people face without back bitching much.

So, now I think you would choose only two people from champions that is Gautam and Pritam. If want to have the third guess can be Sana. Karishma will be in the top runner up but she won’t go a long way. This was all about the victor extrapolation for Bigg boss 8 house.

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