NH 10 movie review, Taaran adarsh, Rajeev masand, Anupama chopra

NH 10 movie review, Taran adarsh, Rajeev masand, Anupama chopra

Sharing with you NH 10 movie review by Taran adarsh, Rajeev masand and Anupama chopra who has given a brief detail about all the film sequences and the level of acting performances given by the actors. Taran adarsh talks about the flick saying the movie is one of the unique films with fine art work and background scenes. He speaks about the flick that each scene is very smartly cinematographed with giving a perfect frame to the scenes and shots. The picture has a complete package of romance in the start, then fight, action, torture and pain till the end of the story. The film is a must watched picture for the people who like dark scenes and films because it has all the pain and torture they suffer while escaping from the villains. Anushka Sharma acting is far realistic and makes us feel true to life. On the other side Neil bhoopalam also score good marks as an actor in the film by completely justifying the characters role he played in the film. Anupama Chopra also on the other hand, gives her analysis on the film by talking that the flick has a story which is narrated very smartly and touches the audience heart on every pain she goes through.

NH 10 movie review, Taaran adarsh, Rajeev masand, Anupama chopra

The film revolves around a new young married couple who get trapped by some peoples while helping innocent girl. They go on a holiday trip on Anushka birthday but the holiday trip gets converted into a big incident. The film has a thrilling script which gives shock and surprises to the viewers on every moments. The audience excitement increases as flick played further and even the desire to know about the film increases on each sequences. Rajeev Masand also gives a good review to the film after analyzing and then giving a overview of good and bad points of the. The film all over is a good movie to go for on Friday and have a complete entertainment with also learning a message from the end of climax.

All this was the appraisal done by all these critics. Even the other bollywood news channel like Ndtv and times of India gives optimist reaction after evaluation of the flick. Hope you all like the flick for its great performance and the way the script assessment is done by the writers. The film gets successful in passing the examination by receiving good points and response from the critics like Raja sen and also the above provided critics in title.

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