NH 10 movie ratings, review, story, public response

NH 10 movie ratings, review, story, public response

The NH 10 movie ratings are high and very congruent with its reviews. The film has released on March 6th 2015 and has received a promising response from the audience and critics. The film has already gained much response from the viewers after trailer launched. It has a wonderful and unique story which is never seen on India cinema before. The review for the film is extremely positive with receiving 3.5 ratings out of the total 5 stars from all the news channels. The story is about the couple Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam. These both are in relation with each other as a husband wife. One day coming late from party she faced a incidents where two people come and break his car doors glasses suddenly because of which she gets very scared and goes in deep trauma. So, his husband plans to go for a holiday trip. Anushka have a birthday so his husband books a villa out of town and goes with her but in on the way they go for a lunch on dhaba.  While having lunch they see a girl is been forcefully took somewhere by some people. Neil goes and try to stop this but instead of the problem being solved it increases because of them and they are been bitten by the villains. They take them to some secret place and but they escape from their but again they are caught by them. Anushka Goes to police but she dint get any help from them. She finally herself takes weapons in her hands and protects herself. Finally she kills everyone one by one and get out of the whole situation. This is how the whole story revolves around.

NH 10 movie ratings, review, story, public response

The Public response on this is very strong and positive as they like the guts the girl have to fought with the villains and how even after such situations she comes out of it. Public has liked the flick with giving good reactions and suggestions to it. The title if the movie is such because the incidents occur on the highway in Gurgaon which starts and end from Delhi to Punjab. The acting of the artist in the film is far convincing and impressive with every sequence. The film is successful in creating that fear with the situation she goes through but later on they also get happy when she escapes.

The film is completely connecting with the audience as they feel every situations and problem she goes through. The first half of the film before interval is romantic with displaying a flavour of love but after they go for the trip, there is a complete twist in the film. It makes interesting for the audience in the second half. The music also adds the film look more beautiful and realistic. All the situations cinematographed by camera are commendable with very great and fine work by the background people.

This is all about the following film and hope you go for the flick to watch the dark scenes and the situation she goes suffering all the pain with her husband.

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