News on Bigg Boss 8 halla bol 21st january 2015 full episode

Here is the news and information about Bigg Boss 8 halla bol: 21st January 2015 full episode

The 122 day starts with the morning song of “Tu paisa kya karti hai, paise se kyu darti hai” before that some scenes of previous day were continued with some chat between contestants. Everybody in the house have a dance on this morning song. Bigg Boss gives an option to get out of cage and will get this bag with the stuffs in it. One of the contestant  S. Seth comes out. Later, dimpy brings a bag in which some dominos pizza are given to them. All of them laugh seeing that. Then another bag is sent in the room by boss of house where ali announce reading the letter saying the one who needs the bag should leave the cage and come out of it. The bag include something which will take the one who selects to the next level. They are given 30 minutes to decide. As Pritam and Gautam are left in the cage the reject this opportunity. The bag is taken back to the room. Then Quli mirza and Karishma are ‘called in the confession room and told that they need to support their team mates by torturing the contestants in the cage but following the rules.

News on Bigg Boss 8 halla bol 21st january 2015 full episode

After coming out, mirza comes on the camera and tells that he is going to torture Gulati. He goes and starts irritating him. He aggravate him a lot saying cheap things to him. Sambhavna comes and tell him don’t do this but he say am doing my task let me do it and he again continue doing the same.  Seth and mirza have a small fight because for as she feel he is provoking her. Tanna comes and tell gauti that he needs to stay calm and tell ali to not have a personal comments.

Finally, Gautam leaves the cage and Pritam is declared as the winner and also declared as the first contestant to reach finals. Gulati is hurt so lot that he says he will never talk to anybody in the house and starts crying. All the other girls comes and make him calm. Later, he says something about Upen Patel and even a small fights take place between them. No one supports him when quli was provoking him.

Later, mehek tries to make him understand and some more scenes of Pritam and all other housemate’s conversation is shown.

This was all about the 122 day.

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