News: Bandra school students rally for road safety awareness

Today’s Mumbai News: Bandra school students rally for road safety awareness

The students of Mumbai School are working on the safety for people on road as there are many accidents occurring every day. The counting of the accidents are increasing every day because of the improper management by traffic department and also because of some of the fast driving activities done by bikers and car drivers. So, they have been on rally to make people aware about the road safety fortnight. On 19th January 2015, around 800 students across 13 high school from the western part of Mumbai, Bandra organised a programme to blowout and make all awake about this.

“They made a rally long way till Hill Road and then got settled on a School hall of St. Stanislaus and were provided a video about the rules to be followed for safety”

News about Bandra school students rally for road safety awareness

The convenor of Bandra Interschool Republic Day that is BIRD group said the news reporter about this.

This event was also attended by the joint commissioner of traffic police B K Upadhaya. He talked about this to the journalist saying “He interacted one by one to each students of the high school and discussed about the safety rules to prevent accident and other not recommended activities”.

The Schools have also decided to organise a competition to encourage for the road safety cause. Veena Donwalkar who is the principal of the Dharavi school of Chhatrapati Shivaji Vidyalaya expressed his thought saying “The rules for street protection should not only be explained and made aware during such sessions but these should also be a part of the school syllabus”.

They school are showing such a keen interest in such activities. Recently, the senior’s members of such institutes have also arranged a competition of drawing and elocution among the students with this theme and even celebrated Lohri day with this following subject.

Here we discuss some of the following Road safety rules:-

  1. Drive on the left always.
  2. Adjust the speed according to the road traffic.
  3. Drive on a controllable speed and look at the speed limit.
  4. Do wear the seat belts and make sure even the passengers do that.
  5. Don’t go nearby to other vehicles while driving
  6. Always cross road from the zebra crossing
  7. Use footpath wherever possible
  8. Don’t use mobiles while crossing roads
  9. Wait for the signal to get red and then cross it
  10. Don’t drink and drive
  11. Be alert while crossing highways from one side to another.

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