News about Bigg boss 8 halla bol 20th january 2015 episode

News about the things occurred in the Bigg boss season 8 halla bol 20th january 2015 episode

On 121 day “Pritam’s Birthday” is celebrated and a task known as “Torture cage” is given to contestants. The event starts with displaying P. Singh wall photo. As you know the contestants wake up listening the song played by the house. So, in morning at 8.00 am a song of “Radio 93.5 bajate raho” is played which was hosted by P. Pyare as a radio jockey before entering in the house. All of them get happy listening this tune. Pritam and Ali starts dancing on the track. U. patel hugs Dimpy as she was sleeping on bed and wish her “saying good morning my sweety”. Sambhavna comes and say “arre o prito” to P. Singh and all wish him happy birthday. He have forgotten that he is having a birthday on 20th jan. Later, all of them sit together and get ready to chat with Radha who is on the FM station ask her did he liked the surprise? And tell him about situation going outside house on his birthday. She tells her that a party is been arranged over here in the studio for you. Many of the listeners have come to speak with you, one of your fan who is very desperate to speak with you so let me connect and have a conversation. Then the listener talk with him saying “am feeling shy talking to you but wish you a many happy returns of the day”. Further adds that she is very happy speaking with him and then replies her “thanks a lot”. He ask her what does she do. She replies that now a days she only look this show and watch all his repeated telecast, adding “I just see you and send love letters nearly 4 times  a day on your page. He says that “don’t you think you are so free and starts laughing”. Now, Radha says that she keeps her baby on her lap and have a look to this programme. Then he says sorry and everyone available over there beside him beat him on his head as it was her wife have a chat with him. Further things are under the image, read it.

News about Bigg boss 8 halla bol 20th january 2015 episode

His wife talks to Gautam and patel. Radha, the radio jockey ask patel and karishma are they a couple? Karishma replies that she has feeling for him but doesn’t mean that we are in relation and explains all her going situation for her. She ask another question to Rahul that do he like tannaji, he says no and many other conversation goes on. Finally, pyare is told to go in the room as something is kept for you which was nothing but lollipop.

All of them go and look a bag hanging on the cage in the garden. Upen, k.t. and Rahul have a comedy, funny and romantic conversation. At 11.30 am, a conversation is shown between S. seth, Upen and karishma talking about Dimpy and Rahul. Later, Ali state about topic related to tanna and his boyfriend.

Sambhavna and k. tanna have conversation about after she goes she won’t change her decision about upen. Again, ali and dimpy gossip is displayed about how can she leave her boyfriend and get close to Uppy.

Later, a task is given to fight for the money in the bag hanging in the cage. The bag will not be given now to a single person but to champions or challengers group and in the finals it will be delivered to the single person. The bag has 25 lakhs in it and if winner win the bag he will get 25 plus 50 lakhs which is about 75 lakhs. House mates have a chat with each other about this topic of task.

Q. Mirza, R. Mahajan, K.t., d. mahajan, S. seth, mehek, pritam goes in the cage and starts the task. Quli cracks a joke and make laugh to everybody. They need to stand and keep the button pressed in the cage, the one who will leave the button will be out of the task and last person will be winner. K.t. and ali makes a deal if she wins, she will give 2 lakhs to him so he leaves the button. Quli mirza goes out and next mehek leaves.

At 8.30 pm, they were given option to leave cage and nominate someone in the house. So, tanna leaves it. Uppy and D. mahajan fights on this leaving topic. Later, comes and say sorry to each other.

Finally, Gauti, seth, dimpy, p. pyare the 4 are left in cage and the next further will be shown on 21st jan.

This way it ends.

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