New Facebook free mobile internet app now available in India

New Facebook free mobile internet app now available in India

Facebook recently launched application in India in which you can use internet in free which is specially created for mobiles. Facebook in New Year has set a new target to increase its website surfing and business by giving a free internet to over 5 billion people all over the world. As you all know it is one of the most searched website all over the world after google search engine. Finally the internet giant website is now providing the free service of internet. It is providing basic service in tis app in Indian country to some states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is offering net without any charge with over more than 3 dozens of services of web which include Fb, messenger, sports, weather and news. You can only use the app if you are using reliance company sim card as they have tied up with as partnership with Reliance Communications. You can use it with the help of opera mini web browser providing services with any cost at the start screen of pages. You can access the service in different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam to the following above stated states in the country.

New Facebook free mobile internet app now available in India

Facebook said that “They are making this effort on a big level which will help people to get connected with the Web services and will further try to improve it by spreading the service to many other countries all over the world. Also, it has recently launched a new application called “Lite” which consume less data while surfing. This is mainly designed for the 2nd generation network known as ‘2G’ on areas where there is less network coverage.

So, it is easy for people to stay connected with your families and friends through Facebook social networking application. It has previously launched in countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Colombia.

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