New Delhi To Have a New Chief Minister in February 2015 after 11 months

Daily news of political provides that, New Delhi as you know is working without a Chief Minister. The last Chief Minister of Delhi was Arvind Kejriwal who was in news for achieving 28 seats in the first time for Aam Aadmi Party with a good record. Arvind Kejriwal needed 7 extra seats to be liable for Chief Minister of Delhi. He got support from the Congress and then he became the Chief Minister, but her was later not able to complete the promises he did with the people of the Delhi and because of some issue related to Lok sabha he resigned from his position of Minister.

So, New Delhi now from the past eleven (11) months is not having a Chief Minister. BJP has also got 31 seats in Delhi but dint supported Aam Aadmi Party. Then in Month of August the news came that they don’t need the election to be organized again. Kumar Vishwas the member of Aam Aadmi Party said that Bhartiya Janta Party offered him the Delhi’s Chief Ministership by saying that even the Aam Aadmi Party 12 MLA’s are supporting us so that there would be no chance of elections again. This brought a big political drama in government of Delhi. Finally, nothing worked so the race to be a Delhi Chief Minster is started again.

New Delhi To Have a New Chief Minister in February 2015 after 11 months

New Delhi To Have a New Chief Minister in February 2015 after 11 months

New Delhi To Have a New Chief Minister in February 2015 after 11 months

Now, in the month of January, 2015 the Government of Delhi has decided to re arrange the election of Delhi for the Chief Minister. The selectors and the decision makers of the government have called upon a meeting as to decide about the election dates. The meeting is called at 11 pm in the Delhi Assembly on 12th January, 2015. It is said in news that in the next half of the meeting they will announce about the Delhi Election dates. It is predicted and said that the dates of Delhi election will be before 15th February as the CBSE board Exam and the 12th Standard exams will be starting from the month of 2nd March, 2015. So, to avoid the clashes of the elections of Delhi and the CBSE Board exams, it is decided to have the elections before the second (2nd) week of February and the result of Delhi election announced till 3rd week of March.

So, that the government officials would not face problems and burden because of the clashes between exams and elections. PM Narendra Modi has recently before 3 days on 10th January had gone for the rally in Delhi as the election are going to come and promised the people to give light, water and electricity cheaply and on time whereas Arvind Kejriwal is again going to stand out in election as a contender for Chief Minister. As the Makar Sankrati is going to come people are selling PM Modi pictures on kites as for motivation along with Mahatma Gandhi.  Modi is going to promote BJP for the election.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis said that BJP is going to invest 1 lakh crore for the development of Mumbai in next two years and if Delhi people also wants to have development support BJP like it is supported by India.

So, PM Modi already had a kick start by the rally on Saturday, 10th Jan in Delhi where the recent Chief Minister of Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkand of BJP were called for the election support.

So, on 12th Jan the Government is going to announce the dates for election in Delhi. We hope to see BJP raising the flag in Delhi and develop Delhi as the expectations of the people are not reached yet by anyone.

The government Head official of Delhi is going to retire so they need to soon arrange the election before it.

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