Narendra Modi speech in Dubai cricket Stadium

Narendra Modi speech in Dubai cricket Stadium

Narendra Modi being one of the strongest prime minister of India had went on a trip to Dubai cricket Stadium where 50,000 Indians have gathered to meet Mr. Modi at 9.30 pm on 17th of August 2015. The PM is saying about the things which Indian government is doing after the BJP came into existence. The people all over from Dubai have arrived to hear his speech which has started from 9.30 pm to next 2 to 3 hours. He is now currently giving the speech in the stadium about the government worked on the insurance that one needs to only pay Rs. 1 and get an insurance of 2 lakhs rupees. He also address about the Maldives who were not having water so the Indian country helped them continuously providing them water till their machine dint got repaired.

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 He also speaks about the Afghanistan neighbour country that was in need to help and here the Indian country is trying to help them in all sorts of things as much as possible. You can click on the link provided to you below and have a look on the speech he is addressing to more than forty thousand to fifty thousand people.

After some time, the international artist are playing some songs like “Suno Gor se duniya vaalo” and having a brilliant dance performance on such songs. The security over there is very alert and even there is huge audience to look such performance. You can also read our other post about the venue and the following places where the Pm have visited. You will get to see a big screen backside the stadium where an Indian flag picture is been displayed. The communication by the Prime Minster is going to continue further for 30 mins more according to the reports. Hope you liked article and please like our facebook page of

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