MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner is out after winning Grand Finale task

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner Prince Narula and Anuki wins the season beating the Grand Finale task

The drama ends finally as Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze wins the MTV Splitsvilla 8 season on 14th November 2015 Grand Finale. Prince Narula is a Dehli model and Anuki is a Georgia country model. Both paired up in the show after Prince and Karishma started having differences in their relationship. Paras Chhabra was one of the reason for their break up. After Prince got hurt from Karishma selling him for Rs 499 while the date with Paras, he gets angry saying she don’t value me as I have heard that in the date with Paras she sold me in 499. After some weeks, Ranvijay ask to do a task where he chose this videsi girl for the task and from here the relationship of this couple starts.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner: Prince Narula and Anuki wins the season beating the Grand Finale task

In the Grand Finale, Sana-Utkarsh, Prince and Anuki were left in the last as Karishma and Zaan were out in the dance performance task. They got the least 54 votes from audience whereas Prince got 85 and Utkarsh-Sana got 145 votes. After this Ranvijay announce as Karishma and Zaan Khan are out of show.

Later on, in the next show Prince-Anuki and Utkarsh-Sana are called up for the grand finale task. They come over the beach to perform the task were all the ex-Splitsvilla contestants welcomes them. They are explained the task by Sunny Leone and Ranvijay. The task was very long and tought then the normal task in the whole 8 season.

The task starts where Prince and Utkarsh are tieda black cloth on their eyes and they have to perform in this way. They need to pick up 5 hearts hanging with thread on bamboo at 5 different stage places. Anuki and Sana were tied with a lock chain and they need to instruct them where to go in which direction to take the hearts.

Prince collects the 5 hearts fast and reaches to Anuki, he open the black cloth and unlock the lock with a key. After this Anuki is needed to dig and cross the bamboo which is really at low height at ground. She needs to go below the pipe by digging the mud. But she is not able to cross it and get stuck in between.

On the other side, Sana cross her as they were far behind in the task from Prince but because of Anuki stuck below the pipe Sana goes further than the opponent team. Anuki and Pricne lost the hope of winning and after this Sana needs to open the box where a hammer is there. She open the box by crossing the pipe and get the keys.

Later on, a final stage Utkarsh need to break a box made of wood with hammer. Inside the box a queen crown is kept they need to take it out by breaking the box with hammer and make it wear to the partner girl then go and sit on the King and Queen chairs.

So, Utkarsh starts breaking the box with hammer but the box was so strong that he gets tired on the other side Anuki is still stuck over there. But later on, Sunny goes to her and motivates her. She energises herself and get out of it finally. Till the time Utkarsh has broked the box to such extent that he was near to pick the crown from the box, he just needed some more time but he was not haing much energy, She tries to put his leg inside the box and make the hole big but till then Prince comes with a hammer and break the box to a extent where the hand can go inside.

After Prince makes a hole in the box to that extent where a hand can go inside, he put his hand inside the box an try to find the crown inside but his hand is unable to reach the bottom and even he cannot see inside. He just feels it from putting the hands here and there. Finally he gets the crown and removes it out of box whereas Utkarsh is still putting his leg inside the box.

Prince keeps the crown on Anuki head and runs to King and Queen chairs and finally sit on it.

This is how Prince and Anuki becomes  MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner after winning Grand Finale task.

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