MTV Splitsvilla 8 episode 13 Broken Promises updates

MTV Splitsvilla 8 episode 13 Broken Promises updates

Sharing you MTV Splitsvilla 8 episode 13 Broken Promises held on 12th September 2015 all updates. The host of the show Sunny Leone on the dumping ground opens a book of fortune for the first time on the request of Amaad who is standing on the place where contestants are in danger and have chances to get dump from reality show. Along with Amaad, you will get to see Ishaan standing in the danger zone because of losing the task with Zaan Khan in episode 12. Sunny opens the book and read what the book of fortune says in this thirteen chapter on dumping ground “I am the book of fortune, go to back and you should know soon. You played your game and now I play with you. Your partners are now unsafe too. Six now stands were once were 3 and two will go just four will be. The decision is now with queen and after the judgement is done then come to read the next page to as there is more to know”. Later on, 3 girls comes from the safe zone that is Vanessa, Priyanka and Reshu in the danger zone and stand beside these two guys. Queen ask Amaad to massage her legs, he does go to Anuki for that but then comes to Subuhi Joshi and massages her legs. Subuhi decides to dump Vanessa as she is connection with Paras who is the King of Villa and other one she chose to dump is Reshu because she needs to pair up with Ishaan so she chose to dump his connection. The next is continued in below paragraph.

MTV Spiltsvilla 8 episode 13 Broken Promises

Now as said the book of fortune says to read the next page that includes it the two guys standing in front, the once who were shown no mercy too but I have a hard ago a good news remains untold. Two of you to the villa you had, if your partners choose to leave instead. This is my condition, this is my promise can you make the sacrifice”. This means the partners of the two people selected can leave the show and save their connection but both of them disagree and go to safe place. So, the question that who gets dump from Splitsvilla 8 chapter 13 is Venassa and Reshu.

Now a fight comes between Prince and Karishma where he clears that he can’t continue with Karishma. Now the Patate raho session starts where they go on beach. Now everyone choose partners Prince chose Anuki, Zaan chose Miya and Utkarsh chose Sana, Ishaan step backside to play this and the left two girls Karishma and Priyanka forms the fourth pair. The task includes a paper made heart which is kept between the pair lips and they need to cross the obstacles of bamboos without letting the heart to fall down from the two lips of pair. They cannot touch it with their hands. Utkarsh does it smoothly, Zaan does it with one obstacle, Prince does it very fast and Karishma does it with one obstacle. Prince and Aniku wins the Spray mint kiss ready competition in the following least seconds that is 18 seconds. So by winning this task, Prince and Anuki are safe and others are in danger zone. With this the chapter 13 ends up. You can even find the whole instalment video on the MTV official site.

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