Modi in Dubai address 50,000 Indians at 9.30 pm

Modi in Dubai address 50,000 Indians at 9.30 pm

Narendra Modi the prime minister of India addresses 50,000 Indians at 9.30 pm in stadium. The people came watching are more than it was expected, according to the internal news there are around 15000 people outside the stadium who are going to watch his speech on the big display screen. The management is going to broadcast the speech outside the stadium so that the people standing outside can know his views regarding various countries and people around the world. People are calling and welcoming him by saying “Marhaba” that is welcome “NaMo” that is Narendra Modi. The gates of the stadium were opened at 3 pm and all of them came in a big crowd with lots of expectation. Around 2.6 millions of Indians live and work in the UAE countries.

Modi in Dubai address 50,000 Indians at 9.30 pm

Even some International artists are going to come to line up according to the organizers of the programme. When the Prime Minister visited Industrial city of Abu Dhabi about 200 workers broke into applause. The Prime Minister of India had a conversation with the workers about their wages, jobs and other day today problems but he dint commented on this to the media people.

It is said that the agenda of addressing the people is too aware others about the safety and welfare of Indian workers should not be ignored. Even in the month of November, the Indian government launched a campaign regarding increasing the wages of the Indian workers working on the gulf countries. He visited mosque in Abu Dhabi on Sunday and a strong message is been sent to people to believe that all religions are same.

He is the first male and second Prime Minster to visit UAE country after Indira Gandhi who had a trip to this country in the year 1981. Hope this makes a difference in the minds of other people and make some changes through his speech to the Indian as well as other people. His trip to Dubai is trending all over world and on many social networking sites.

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