Miracle In India, News of Bangalore, India

Miracle In India, News of Bangalore, India-

INDIA is place with a big heart people. Miracle is something which takes place every day and everywhere in India. One miracle which occurred in BANGLORE and guys you will be surprised after reading it. Just have a look on this beautiful story which is real and reading this you will really feel like it’s like a miracle which happens only in India.

It is always said that a child or a baby who is born is the “Farishta” of almighty God. This is a true incident of that Angel which took place in Bangalore.

Miracle Is Something Which Happens In INDIA, India News Today

Miracle Is Something Which Happens In INDIA, India News Today

Miracle Is Something Which Happens In INDIA, Indian News Today

The Journey from Bangalore to Chennai

This is a story which starts A 2 year old child born in Bangalore passed away which was heart-breaking for his family. The child passed away in Bangalore and the family came to know that a two year child in Chennai is in need of heart due to some unproductive problem in his heart. The family immediately told the doctor in Bangalore about the news and the heart was immediately within hour was delivered to Chennai. The transplant was done successfully and it saved the life of child in Chennai. The child passed away in Bangalore and a new life was born in Chennai by his heart. Manipal is the hospital in Bangalore where the child passed away. The child father was Software Professional. He not only donated his heart, he donated the child’s kidney, liver and eyes also. India salutes to this man.

This man really made us to tell that we really stay in an INCREDIBLE INDIA.

Such people makes the INDIA – INCREDIBLE INDIA & we are proud to be an INDIAN.

We Indian are born to help each other and will help each other in need of anything.

Keep Moving and Keep Helping!!!


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