Mayuri movie review, rating (Telugu movie), Nayanthara

Mayuri movie review, rating (Telugu movie), Nayanthara :-Telugu movie Mayuri review, rating: Nayanthara abilities have made her to get innovative film where she is playing a double role. The the Mayuri has 3.5 star rating scored from the total 5 star rating. She was appraised in the trailer itself by the film writers, directors and critics along with audience for her lead role played as mother. The film has a wonderful cinematography which is able to capture every property and asset which should come in the scenes. The best part is visual effects and re-recording which highlight the film from start till climax. The actress is appreciated for her acting skill as she is able to impress the audience and critics by justifying the character she has played in the feature film. The super natural thriller movie has stunned the audience with such a heart touching story which has all the flavours of emotions in it. After re-evaluating the motion picture, the director has made a great use of his experience and brought out such an amazing moving picture to the viewers. Mayuri review speaks that the locations and the effects of horror and thriller scene looks very natural that raised up the sequences and audience goes with the flow of the flick.

Mayuri movie review, rating (Telugu movie)

The film dialogues are also very interesting and the base of voice of all actors used in the film is great. The actors are able to give meaning to every line they are performing and also able to make up the expression, feelings required to make the scene perfect. The editing part is so amazing that it is able to bring impact on the audience by removing the unnecessary shots. The horror locations and lighting for the scenes were perfectly match according to the day and night timings. The songs are also placed on required time so that it doesn’t look odd. These were all the optimist and pessimist points which bring the review part on completion. These were all the points after we re-examine the whole film that received a score of 3 stars. Some of the audiences and new channel has given 3.5 ranking to this horror film.

This film was firstly is made in Tamil titled as Maaya. Now, the release date of the film is 17th September 2015. Nayanthara is playing a role of mother in this thriller and horror film Mayuri. She is presented as the mother of toddler in the feature film. Ashwin Saravanan accepted the responsibility to direct this flick under his direction. It is made under C.K. Entertertianments and Sri Shuba Swetha films banner for Vinayaka Chavithi. You will also get to see Robot Shankar, Sharath, Aari, Amjad Khan and Lakshmi Priya along with Nayanthara.

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