Maya movie review, rating, Tamil movie, Nayanthara

Maya movie review, rating, Tamil movie, Nayanthara:- Forwarding you Maya movie review, rating, Tamil movie starring Nayanthara in the lead role. The motion picture re-assessment speaks about the movie focuses on female centric project and has received around 3.5 star rating. The moving picture made under the direction of Ashwin Saravanan who has gained good response from the audience and critics. The film includes flavour of supernatural horror where you will see stars like Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Aari, Amzath Khan Robo Shankar and Sharath with Nayanthara in lead. Coming on to the re-evaluation part, the flick has great music which is able to entertain and flourish viewers. The 3.5 ranking is given because the scary horror scenes in the film are able to create the meaningful impact on the audience and hence forth it’s moving on the success path from the first day of opening itself. Also the re-consideration includes point of cinematography which is very beautifully shot on screen and the editing done by T.S. Suresh has made the flick go smoothly without having any type of obstacles in it. The songs also enhance the film as the music is composed by Ron Ethan Yohaan. Kollywood has more attraction over horror film now a days and so this topic is been chosen to entertain audiences. Other points are discussed in below paragraph.

Maya movie review, rating, Tamil movie, Nayanthara

Maya movie review, rating, Tamil movie, Nayanthara

Maya movie review has more of highly positive comments and feedback which gained 3.5 star rating and this score is really well for further success and earning maximum box office collection on first day. Ashwin Saravanan the director of film has done lots of experiment on this horror motion picture without making it flow on the commercial track. The flick has done compromises on commercial basis and so it been highly appreciated by critics and audience. The public going to the cinema theatres give feedback that the film has appealed them and is very interesting and everyone should go for it once.

The acting performance of the actor in the film is appreciating especially Nayanthara who has given his career best performance. Aari has an important part in the film which makes the film more beautiful. The film has zero compromise in the character and is played on a very high level. The super effect in the film makes the scene more interesting and impactful. Also the background score given in the motion picture makes the audience feel every scene and is successful able to reach to the audience with giving the right meaning to every scene. Even the actors in the flick give right meaning to the dialogues and a right focus on words required in every line. All these points are counted in the re-consideration and then the film is able to score a ranking of 3.5 star rating.

The final verdict is that Nayanthara powerful role, super effect, background score, prefect camera angle pulls the authentic horror movie on a great level and should definitely go for it.

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