Mauka Mauka ad: Pakistan ka mauka back by Star sports

Mauka Mauka ad: Pakistan ka mauka back by Star sports

Again the new Mauka Mauka ad for Pakistan fans is back by Star sports which represent with a dialogue that “kya aa gaya Pakistan ka mauka”. The World Cup has created a big buzz all over the globe. Especially in India, the advertisement of the India is done by the following ads made by the channel to promote India as it has not yet lose any of the matches. After every match the channel launches the advert or a small trailer which is creating a big buzz in the field of cricket. The fans are just excited to see every new ad coming on the video site. After winning the total 4 match, it’s going to play the next with Ireland. Pakistan enter the quarter final so the new ad is been launched for it.

Mauka Mauka ad Pakistan ka mauka back by Star sports

This basically shows that Pakistan finally wins the match and the mauka man removes the Indian cricket costume that is t-shirt and wears the Pakistani team t-shirt. He gets happy knowing that it finally won the match and got the chance to celebrate the happiness. Here is the following video of the advertisement, just you need to do is play it and watch it.

He hides himself and listens to the commentary of the match and as soon as he hears the following winning commentary, he changes the t-shirt and goes out with the box filled with crackers outside. So watch the new ad and enjoy it.

After the completion of the commentary, he faces the camera and start singing that finally we have got the chance and got the mauka. Also stay in touch with our website for the next coming advertisement as we will update is as soon as it is updated by the official site.

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