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Mauka Mauka ad: India vs Ireland by Star Sports

Mauka Mauka ad: India vs Ireland by Star Sports channel

Mauka Mauka ad for India vs Ireland world cup match is released after the match ended with West Indies by Star Sports channel. The mauka mauka video ad hits the internet with a big boom and people are crazy to watch this advertisement after every Indian match. These advertisements are becoming trends in India by receiving a number of hits and views on it. The likes are in crores on the video of this ad of cricket world match going to be held on 10th march, 2015. The video resembles about the winning and losing of the cricket sports game. Every installation of this commercial is again going to be high. The Indian cricketers are one of the team who are favorite among the ICC cricket world cup 2015. The star sports channel is been authorized to make the following advertisement of all following cricket matches related to India. Star sports channel has now again made a new advertisement for publicizing the cricket matches. After winning the match with West Indies, the new video is launched as soon as the game is over. According to the sources people are more excited to look the advertisement rather than watching the cricket match. As soon as the game is over on the Star sports channel, public notice will be announced and it will be released on the following video sites. The video includes some people wearing the t-shirt of the opponent teams.

Mauka Mauka ad India vs Ireland by Star Sports

Further details are below along with the video, have a look

It includes people inspiring the Indian team to win even the next match which motivates then and give some more confidence to the cricket team. Ireland is not that great team who plays well in cricket field. So, playing against India will be a difficult task and winning from these team has very less chances. These Indian team has not even loose a single match from the last 4 matches and this will be the 5th matches. The Mauka man again loses the chance to burst crackers as the team he supported dint win the match. Now this video has the man wearing the Ireland cricket costumes and hoping that at least this match will be won by opponent team.

Hope you like this funny and cool ad which will entertain you for the next 2 minutes. You can also watch it in Hd that is High Definition of 720p and 1080p. Just need to click on the right side of video setting logo and select the format you required you want to see. The advertisement raises the popularity bar of the Indian matches with the opponent teams. The team won the match by completing the chase of 182 runs done by West Indies where India completed 186/6 in 39 overs approx.

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