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Massive Dilwale Marketing Strategy can earn 49-50 crores on 1st day collection, read how?

Massive Dilwale Marketing Strategy can earn 49-50 crores on 1st day collection, read how?

Massive Dilwale Marketing Strategy can earn 49-50 crores on 1st day collection, read how?


Dilwale is made a complete entertainer with Dance, Drama, Music, action and super stars with the objective of achieving the biggest possible opening-day collection segmented of possibilities into groups that can help them to craft unique and highly targeted marketing activities which includes Families-College Friends-Office Collegues-Couples-Multiplex audience-Single Screen audience-Kajol, Shahrukh, Varun, Kriti Sanon Fans.

Now, coming on Dilwale they can do more with this and can have a target of 1 crore views of trailer in 24 hours and can earn more than 50 crores on Dilwale first day box office collection as the movie is already a brand and is connected with the super hit movie of Decade “Dilwale Dhulania Le Jayenge”. Other is the super hit on screen jodi of season SRK and Kajol, other great actors like Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. Also, the director who’s every super hit film earns more than 100 crores. The hit duo Jodi Shahrukh and Rohit Shetty back again after Chennia Exp. movie. Even Christmas starts after the film release 1 week. All this reason definitely gives a proof that the film will gather a box office income of more than 50 crores on opening day of 18th December 2015. THe reason behind earning this much profit is below, read it…

A question arising in your mind that how will they reach out targeting audience?

They can do it as they did it in HNY 2015 by using different media in a most effective and innovative manner.

Firstly, they can target reality show as they did in Happy New Year. They can target show with highest TRP in current time which can be Bigg Boss 9. The prime time show will be well received by family audience was well can be received by some of the audiences across the country.

The stellar star cast of Dilwale can travel across countries promoting the show and movie as they will decide how they will assign the value of the fans. They can travel world tour in the que market performing live at USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. They will also target from high eye popping newspapers to outdoors in the metros like HNY.

They can target regional markets in India via vernacular language newspaper; can target Vividh Bharti like they did in HNY movie which ensures reach of 99.19% of Indian radio population that tunes in. Kan Khajura Tesan takes the film to the interiors of India.

Well rounded in film association with Atlanta’s Palm, special screening like they did for Happy New year and managed to arrange a 5200 seated luxury theatre which was set up for the event where hundreds resemblance review received at event.

They get innovative when it comes to a co-branded Association which was phenomenal with creative, unique and beautiful where Cadbury launched special Happy New Year Pack. Baskins and Robbins introduced Happy New Year Flavours. The Lux soap Happy New Year campaign was one of the leading co-branded media tie-ups that received a phenomenal response. This is how they can do same with Dilwale.

They created unique theatre promotions and audience etiquette videos to catch the curiosity of the audience. The theatre staff members were spotted wearing a t-shirt with television that played movie trailers and videos. UFO movies took the trailer of the cinema buffs putting in the smaller towns and villages. They set up a whooping new bench mark where the HNY trailer reached over a 70 million people within 24 hours.

The icing on the cake was Happy New Year team was the first Indian Film crew invited at the global headquarters of Google and Twitter.

Now you must be thinking what would be the return of investment on this marketing activity. Well,   Happy New Year broke all the records and manage to earn the highest first day collection in Bollywood history of over 44 crore through innovative and effective marketing strategies. They brought the people to theatres on Diwali to celebrate Happy New Year.

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