Maroon 5 Crash Real Weddings with Sugar Music Video by Adam Levine

What?! Maroon 5 Crashed the Real Weddings For a Surprise-Filled with Sugar Music Video, Adam Levine

The latest launched album by the Maroon 5, Sugar Music Video Song by David Dobkin, the director of Wedding Crashers managed to make ultimate performances of couples in this tune. The 5th studio album released on 13th January, 2015 by the American pop rock band of Maroon 5. Through Intersope Records the Maroon 5 has released it’s first album. Adam Levine is shown taking the drive all over wedding places in Los Angeles. The Video is shot in the month of December, 2014. The song is been written by Lukasz Gottwald, Mike Posner, Joshua Coleman, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Adam Levine and Henry Walter. This song is made under the production of Cirkut and Ammo. After the song was being composed, it was send as third single music song from album to United States Contemporary hit radio. This song includes extensive variety of drumming, guitars and keyboard. This is a disco, soul and funk pop song. This Sugar video has gain optimistic acclaim from the critics of music as it has attractive sensation and old-fashioned vide. You can watch the crashing and coming uninvited Levine Maroon 5 Sugar HD Music Video Song provided to you in below headings. The video has some surprising reactions from the marriage couples all over Los Angeles as they were so happy watching the live performance form this music band. The song has reached on 13 number when it had a debut in South Korea on Gaon International Chart Buster and 77 on the foremost chart. This is inspired by the 2005 movie Wedding Crashers. Song premiered on 14th of Jan and released on television for the first time on Jan 17th. This melody present a band group who visits all over the marriage places in LA and astonishingly start playing their music as the arranged curtain on the stage falls down. They made a uninvited visit to weddings places all over city and made it more happening.

Maroon 5 Crash Real Weddings with Sugar Music Video by Adam Levine

Maroon 5 Sugar Hd Music Video Song

The song is sung by Levine in lead vocal and supported vocal is sung by Posner who co-wrote the song. The music video is recorded in Hollywood at Conway Recording Studios and mixed in Virginia Beach at Mixstar Studios. Here is the music tune under in HD 720p and 1080p, play and relish looking it.

The song length is 5 minutes and 1 second. The video jumps by screening a car where the whole band group comes out of house in hurry and get settled in the car with objective to hit all the marriage ceremony in the city on that particular day. Video is shot on 6th December, 2014. They firstly visit Park Plaza Hotel where a marriage ceremony is going on, the builder’s go and arrange curtain and small stage that is a secretive scene, people watch them as what’s going on here. Then the group enters and go behind the curtain. The wedding couples are called by the builders to stand in front of the curtain, as the curtain falls they start playing song and all of them reacts sayings “Oh my god”. They receive overwhelming response from the marriage guest, everyone start dancing at that time. Levine is shown singing the lyrics of song while driving from one place to another. The same happens on the second wedding place as the groom and bride don’t know what’s happening, they are asked to come front and instantly curtain falls, they see a band playing song. Pairs get very happy watching them. Subsequently, they leave from that place, stops the car at the signal, some girls look them and have a photo click with the band group.  Formerly, some shots of visiting the other places with curtain down and their reactions are shown. They reach to 7 wedding place. Lastly, they hug the marriage pairs and other people. They cheers for drinks and this way the video ends.

Sugar Music Video Song details

Lead Vocal – Levine

Secondary vocal – Posner

Recording studio – Conway

Varied at – MixStar Studio

Engineers of Song- Doug, C. Gibbs, J. Sher and N. Passovoy

Mixing Engineer – John Hanes

Instrument Technician – Dr. Luke, Artie Smith, Ammo and Cirkut

Serviced by – Interscope Records

Length – 5.01 seconds

Keyboard – Same as the instrument technician

Director – David Dobkin

Shot – Dec, 2014

Place- Los Angeles

Inspired by- Wedding Crashers Movie (2005)

Background and Development

Maroon 5 Crash Real Weddings with Sugar Music Video by Adam Levine

Dobkin went for the premier of his film the Judge in Rome, there he receive an email from Levine and accepts the offers to direct video. He says it was great working with these people. Before video shoot, through twitter the band requested by tweeting to be a chunk of the shoot. Levine in the journalists, media release stated that it was out of box experience which can never be forgotten as I dint expected such a response from the guest and twosome. The best part was we were able to generate memorable moments for the people in the weddings as everyone would cherish this unbelievable surprise. The video launch on Vevo, Youtube channel.

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