Marathi movie Laathi Box Office Collection 2015, review, rating

Marathi movie Laathi Box Office Collection 2015, review, rating

2015 Marathi movie Laathi Box Office Collection: The movie doesn’t earn a decent collection at cinema counters on 11th December 2015. The star cast Sachin Khedekar, Smita Tambe, Subhodh Bhave, Nagesh Bhosle, Shakit Kapoor, Aastad Kale and Rahul Mehendale gives a brilliant performance.

Marathi movie Laathi Box Office Collection 2015

Coming on to its collection, the movie earned no money on its first day of Friday. According to news, the film shows were cancelled at many cinema theatres on first day where Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 film enjoyed the benefit. The film internal buzz states that the either prints or audience for the movie were not available so the first day shows were cancelled at most theatres. It is very disappointing that even after having late actor Sanjay Surkar in it, the film was unable to release with a good start.

The film has gone well on Saturday with a collection of around 25 lakhs. It has earned a total 1st week collection if 1.5- 2 crore. After analysing the film critism, rating it can earn a total collection of 4.50 crore as the Lifetime income till it is screened at theatres. It has released at 50 screens around Mumbai and around 80 in Maharashtra.

Marathi movie Laathi Review & Rating

Laathi review includes that the movie is a social drama where the journey of school teacher dedicating his whole life for the students is shown in it. The school teacher spent his whole life in devoting all his knowledge to students to just realize that whatever he gave to his devotees was completely different.

The movie goes with 2.5 star rating from critics and the audience response is average for the film. The director Sanjay Surkar has adopted a decent story to direct and present it to the audience but still it goes with a social message and it is found to be more interesting for critics. Compared to audience response, critics have well appreciated the film giving 2.5 star score to it on opening day.

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