Mandana steals the Lagaan task money in Bigg Boss 9 (21 Oct)

Mandana robs, steals the Lagaan task money in Bigg Boss 9 (21st October)

Mandana Karimi is a Bollywood actress and Model who has recently entered the Bigg Boss 9th Season and has gained much of the audience attention because of her straight forward nature and taunting behaviour.  She tries to dominate people but don’t realise that she is going wrong at some places. In the lagaan task everyone is required to grind the machine and make flour out of wheat. After making one packet flour Keith goes for negotiation where even she goes without knowing the selling price and sells the packet in Rs.20 where she only desire to have 10 per packet of flour.

(21st Oct) Mandana rob the Lagaan task money in Bigg Boss 9 Episode 11

Keith explains here you shouldn’t have done this where she argues that no one told me the decided price. Later on, they again have some issue with one another where Keith says ‘Please don’t pull me and take anywhere, I am not a dog who will go on following you’. After this, Rochelle and Vikas have some fight.

In the Precap as shown, every contestant gets frustrated and decides to steal the money which the ‘zamindaars’ that is Aman and Keshwar have with them. Here, Mandana gets ready for that and before going she says sorry to Bigg Boss in camera.

She goes with Keith and steals the money kept inside the house in crock. Here after this, all the housemates get against M.Karimi and she loses her control. She break downs tonight on period 21st October 2015 and had a fight with Keith to such an extent that she thrashes her belt, throw the mike. She is not able to control herself and falls in all sorts of argument with Keith. This is how she falls in a situation of helping others but she himself falls in sheer.

Let’s see tonight all the details of the Lagaan task and to what extent the contestant have a ugly fight, the activities they do to make them comfort.

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