Mandana Karimi comes back, return in Bigg Boss 9 house after 1 day, Aman-Rochelle gets her target

Mandana Karimi comes back, return in Bigg Boss 9 house after 1 day, Aman-Rochelle gets her target, Prince Suyyash fight

Mandana Karimi as you all know was eliminated out of the Bigg Boss 9 house yesterday as she performed worst in the Shararati Bachche task. As Rimi was the supervisor of the task, she was asked by BB9 to announce the worst performer.

She after talking her name, then say that coming on contestant Mandana performed the least and left the task in middle after fighting with Prince. As soon as she declares this, BB announce that as we have declared it will affect nomination so now M.Karimi need to leave the house now itself.

Mandana Karimi return (come back) in Bigg Boss house on 19th November 2015 Episode, Day 39

You will get to see that she leaves and goes out of the house, but she is not sent out. She is transferred to secret room and said that she will be back in the BB9 house after 1 day (24 hours). She gets sad but when BB says her that she will get a chance to spy on contestant bitching about her in the house gets happy over here.

The main twist is that,

BB announces to the contestant that she has not left the show and is sent to secret room.

She will be coming back in the show after some time.

After she enters the house, she will nominate two people for elimination but they won’t be eliminated in fact they will be safe from the nomination.

So, for getting safe the contestant need to bitch about her to maximum level so that she finds them fake and uninteresting and nominates them. Contestants will be given a hint when she will be watching them. A light box is kept in the living area as the lights get on that means she is looking at you people. So, you have to bitch about her at that time.

She is shown the video contestant bitching about her. She gets shocked when Aman and Rochelle talks bad about her as they are only acting but for her its reality as he don’t know that housemates are aware that she has not left the show.

After 24 hours she comes back with lot of anger on Aman and Rochelle saying that “Keshwar Merchant is loyal at least as enemy to me than you people as she is what she is on my face whereas the people who are my friends are back-bitcher and I dint hope you people are so mean”.

She say to Rochelle that see from today how I will be with you and you both are my enemies form today and also my main target. Keshwar put fire in the fight saying that R.Rao is not at all happy you coming back in the house.Till now she don’t know that it was just a task to safe themselves.

Let’s see how Mandana Karimi reacts after she gets to know that it was a task of bitching about her so that the contestant she nominates will be safe from elimination.

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