Mandana eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 house on 17th Nov 2015

As you must have seen yesterday in the Shararati Bachche task, Mandana Karimi dint performed because of health issue. She was really unwell or she is fake that is only known by her. We are sharing you secret information which is not shown on TV yet. We will show you who will be eliminated today before the weekend without nomination. Yes, you have read it right. As you know Bigg Boss announced yesterday that the contestant who will not be performing in this task will be affected for the nomination and will eliminate the worst performer of the task Shararati Bachche.

Mandana Karimi eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 house on 17th November 2015

Mandana Karimi eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 house on Today show (17th November 2015)

Guess who will be the contestant performing least and worst performer in the Shararati Bachche Luxury task?

Mandana Karimi. Yes, you have read it right and true that she will be eliminated from the BB9 house today on 17th November 2015 in tonight show. Hold on, she will not be going out of the house but in the secret room. As you must have seen in previous episodes some of them are eliminated and sent in the secret room which is not informed to the inside house contestant.

The same way even she will be sent in the secret room. This is the biggest twist in BB9 till now.

Today, Team B of Aman, Digangana, Suyyash and M. Karimi will be performing in Shararati Bachche task. You must have seen she dint performed yesterday but she will be part of the task today. She will be performing today and will be seen troubling the staff member todays to a great extent. While the task is going on, Prince will be seen complaining that she was acting fake yesterday that she is not well.

Prince reaction and complain will irritate M. Karimi and she doesn’t perform further in the task. Then after the task ends, Bigg Boss will ask Rimi to give the decision for the least performing contestant. She firstly takes her own name that she dint took interest in the task but BB insists her to take name except her as she was the supervisor of the task.

Finally, Rimi takes Mandana Karimi name and then BB9 announce that Karimi will be evicted now itself and is out of reality show. She packs her bag and goes out but the twist is here. She won’t be going out of the reality show but will be sent in the secret room.

She was happy leaving the show but other contestants are shocked to see her going out. She will get a chance to spy on the contestants bitching about her and what everyone thinks about one another.

She will be called again back in the show after some days and then you will get to see more of entertainment. This means that there will be no eviction on this weekend with Salman Khan.

As you must be excited to see the new twist? Stay tuned to Worldsbuzz for more updates on BB9.

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