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Mahashivarathri images, quotes, messages, photos

Festival of Mahashivarathri images, quotes, messages, photos

Maha shivarathri images, quotes, messages, photos are here below provided to you. You just need to read it and if you like take it on your following gadgets. This day is celebrated for Lord Shiva who is the superior of all gods. This festival is celebrated every year as on this following day lord Shiva got married with Parvati. This festival is celebrated on 17th of February 2015. This festival is celebrated by visiting to Lord Shiva temple and offering a beal leave near the statue. People fast on this day without having any type of drinks or food. People while worshiping god say Om Namah Shivaya. We are sharing with you some of the best images, quotation marks and communication letters which will be provided below. This festival has one more reason to celebrate as when the devil were going to have their victory on the world, lord Shiva become a beautiful women and distracted the minds of devil and to save the world he drank the poison which is still in their throat, he dint swallowed it. Some people don’t sleep on this day at night as even lord Shiva dint slept after drinking the poison so that it won’t get swallowed by him.

Mahashivarathri images, quotes, messages, photos

People visit over 400 Shiva god temples all over country.

Shivratri pics, speech marks and written communications in English:-

“Happy lord Shiva day,

May he give you the power to fight with problems,

Make you stronger each day,

Give you all success of your life”

“We wish you a prosperous and cheerful, joyful Shivratri,

Hope it makes all well in your life,

His blessings always stay around you”

“Wish you that all your wishes get fulfilled today,

Get all the happiness of your life,

Get all love form families,

Family stay healthy with his blessings,

Happy festival to you and your family”

Quotes, Messages in Hindi:-

“Bhagwan kare tum jiyo hajaro saal,

Yeh hai meri dua aur aarzoo,

Tum raho khush aur khushal,

Jiyo tum lakhon saal”

“Om bhagwan de tumhe sari khushiyaan,

Rakhe na koi gum’

Har khushi ko tum manao,

Jiyo har pal aur lamha”

“Rakhe vo tumhe duao me yaad,

Chahe rahedin do ya chyar,

Tum fikra na karo is duniyadari ki,

Shivay bolo aur nikal pado manjil ki aur,

Fir dekho kaise har mushkil asan ho jayegi”


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