Maazaa My Lord HD Video Song, Hawaizaada Movie, Ayushmann Khurrana, Cast, Release Date

The new movie of Ayushmann Khurrana is out where you will get to see him in a completely different role. Even the movie has some different type of screen look. As you know the Hawaizaada Movie Trailer is out, we will provide you all the information on the following movie Hawaizaada whose trailer was released before a week ago. Now, the first song of movie Hawaizaada is out on youtube which is Mazaa My Lord Hd Video Song is available over here on this article below, you must have seen. The Song feature Ayushmann in it with the female lead of the movie Pallavi Sharda. This movie is made on the real topic of 19th century. Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who was a scientist who created a flying machine in that era of time. So, the character of Shivkar Bapuji is played by Ayushmann in the movie. The Hawaizaada movie release was on 26th Jan but now it’s postponed to 30th January 2015 and the first new song is out of this film. The song is really nice as it gives the feel of 19th century and even the background set and scene, costumes of the characters make us remind of something old centuy place and people’s style. The details of the Video song are been mentioned in detail along with the official video song of Maazaa My Lord. Have a look to it.

Maazaa My Lord HD Video Song, Hawaizaada Movie, Ayushmann Khurrana, Cast, Release Date

Maazaa My Lord HD Video Song, Hawaizaada Movie, Ayushmann Khurrana, Cast, Release Date

Maazaa My Lord HD Video Song | Ayushmann Khurrana | Hawaizaada Movie

The Video is here, just play it and watch it for which you have been coming a long way searching for this which is made available to you in High Definition HD 720p and 1080p quality. The Hawaizaada Movie Maazaa My Lord HD Video Song of Ayushmann Khurrana is released on 8th January 2015. Hope you like the act and the song.

Here the song starts with Pallavi sitting on a chair beside the bathtub moving his hand in the water available in bathtub saying a dialogue “khair aadat hai muje tere jaiso ki, pyar me barbaad log aksar anab shanab hi bakte hai”, Ayushman Khurrana is sitting a bit away from her replies her saying “Pyar me barbaad log aksar sach bhi bakte hai”. She look stunned, shocked hearing this and then the desi music tune of the song starts where they both just look one another. A new sequence starts in which they both are standing out of the cinema hall of 19th century, ayushmann gives her some nice ignoring expressions  and she get upset from her, goes and sit to something made like open house of wooden, open the door and sit inside. Ayushmann comes running to her and here the lyrics of Song Maazaa my Lord starts where he sings for her standing outside the window saying please return my heart back to me, take some bribe and please return it to me. He is wearing a 90’s type of cap, white shirt, dark red waistcoat, yellow pant and specks and Pallavi wearing black long one piece of that era of time. He tries to convince her but she is angry on him. He goes everywhere wherever he goes and sit, convince he but she doesn’t get convinced. He holds her hand and again says the same lines but the leave the hand and sit another place, he again go there and take his finger near her mouth, she bites on his finger and starts smiling.

Then the next sequence starts at another place somewhere in the house where she is seen in another cloths, she looks at him very romantically and goes near him, holds his shirt tightly and goes for a kiss with him but till the time she kisses him some people like rulers comes from the doors and point fingers on the mas if they have come to catch them. As she look at these people, she hold ayushmann hand and jumps from the balcony of the house. The scene is shown as they jump from balcony in slow motion and falls on the large amount of cotton which were spread down below. ‘The next sequence starts where he coming running in style like a hero and says these cloths are decent but i am mischievous from inside. Then a dance sequence come where he dances with her. She start dancing in front of him alone singing the song.

He repeats the line of returning his heart but here he says this by acting like a joker and also place a small red ball on his nose the way joke place it and keep dancing. Lastly, she laughs looking the way he acts and request her to have a picture with her and directly they are shown sitting on the chair and a photo is been click by some photographer where she turns his face on the camera side. This way the song ends. Hope you enjoyed watching Maazaa My Lord HD Video Song.

Maazaa My Lord HD Video Song Mohit Chauhan

This song singers are Mohit Chauhan and Neeti Mohan

Musicians is: Mangesh Dhakde

The song Lyricists: Vibhu Virender Puri

Genre of song: Love

Release Date, Cast of Hawaizaada Movie

Ayushmann Khurrana playing as Shivkar Bapuji Talpade

Pallavi Sharda playing in the film as Sitara

Mithun Chakraborty is seen played a character of Subbaraya Shastry

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