Lorena Rojas Mexican actress passes away because of cancer

Todays news: Lorena Rojas Mexican actress passes away because of cancer

The Mexican actress and singer Lorena Rojas has died on 16th February 2015 at the age of 44. She passed away in the city of Miami fighting against the cancer. She was facing this problem from the year 2008 but dint let her give up and struggle to stay alive. She took her last breadth at her home with the whole family sitting around her. She has much grip with her fans and family. After doing the recent project of ‘Demente Criminal’ she was unable to live further. She was seen in 5 films and also in theatres plays. She uses to have much love for animals. She even has daughter name Luciana. She basically survived because of her. She also worked in a musical song of Hijos Del Sol. She was born on 10th of February, 1971. Mexico City was her birth place and she started her career in the year 1990. Her full name is Seydi Lorena Rojas Gonzalez. Florida in the United States is a place where she died.

Lorena Rojas Mexican actress passes away because of cancer

She was really inspiring for her fans as she died by facing all the problems from last 6 years. She being a mother dint gave up and fought till the end of her last breadth. Monday is the day of her last breadth where in front of her boyfriend, daughter and family closed her eyes.

Her death made an impact on every life in Mexico. Her fans have gathered on her funeral and even outside her home to give peace to her soul. She was one of the most beautiful women and actress in the world. Her siblings Mayra Rojas were crying and were not happy with her death as lord calls up clean heart people early to the heaven.

All this was the news for the headline of Mexico country.

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