Kuttram Kadithal movie review & rating (Tamil cinema)

Kuttram Kadithal movie review & rating (Tamil cinema)

The released Tamil Kuttram Kadithal movie review & rating has made the Tollywood cinema industry proud with this Tamil cinema. The film is said to be among the finest film of Tamil Industry. The film has got around 4.5 star rating out of the total 5 stars rating. The film re-evaluation is completely about the positive comments and feedback. The audience are impressed by story and the direction method. Merlin and Manikandan belong to different community and still they get married to each other. Merlin character played Radhika Prasiddha is able to successfully justify the girl character. Merlin mother don’t accept her marriage and in the mean time he starts a new life as a school teacher. She is caught in a strange situation where she meets a mischievous guy Chezhiyan (Master Ajay) on her first day and the same time he goes into coma. His relative Chezhiyan’s mom played by Sathya and his uncle Udayan played by Pavel Navageethan gets angry on Merlin. The couple are now tortured from his family and relatives and the rest story goes on how they get escaped from this Chezhiyan’s family.

Kuttram Kadithal movie review & rating (Tamil cinema)

Moving on to the film re-consideration on acting performance of these following actors, Radhika is an important character to the film and she is able to completely justify her character with bringing the exact emotions required for the scenes. Even the mischievous guy Ajay performed well as a child artist. The violent character played by Pavel Navageethan acted great and the other left actors Kulothungan as principal, Durga as Principal’s wife and Sai Rajkumar has portrayed to their best abilities.

Let us now give you the analysis where the positive points came out of the Tamil cinema are background score matches the emotions, the screen play is designed very smartly and is able to bring the story feelings on screen, and the interesting twist makes the audience more entertain. Coming on to the negative re-assessment, some screenplay are not able to make out the correct meaning for the story and has low impact on the audience, the second is low pace make a bit boring for the viewers. The Analysis also speaks that the music background score completely matches the written screen play meaning and effective direction has brought the film to another level. The good script is showcased very beautifully. The production value and the way simple story is presented with superb performance by the actors.

The final verdict for the film is it has made the production and the industry proud by bringing such an amazing and mind blowing film to the cinemas with best direction by Bramma.

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