Kohinoor movie review & rating (Malayalam movie 2015)

Kohinoor movie review & rating (Malayalam movie 2015)

The Kohinoor 2015 Malayalam movie review & rating are now on the floors as the movie is released on 24th of September 2015. The movie has received ample of positive feedback on the first day itself with 3 star rating. The critics express that the film has a unique story on which we have done the re-evaluation and after we have check up the movie story is speaks about a era of 90’s that is around 1988 Louis played by Asif Ali who desire to be a hero in this film story. The heroine Aprana Vinod makes the plot more interesting. That was the era when films like Rajavinte Makan and Athirathram were in the mind of youth. He gets inspired by Vincent Gomez and Thara Das and desire to be like them. After deciding to be like them, he gets involve with Haider (Indrajith) from Mumbai, Aandikunju (Aju Varghese), Freddy (Sunny Wayne) from Kochi, and Freddy’s friend Nicholas (Chemban Vinod Jose). He goes on a wrong path of short cut where he thinks he can earn money fast and wish to be like his movie iconic character. The wrong path takes him to go on way of revenge, blood, deception and money and power that embraces him at the end. The re-assessment represent that the story is written nicely and the director is also able to present it on the screen. The other supporting character Mamukkoya, Sudheer karamana, Meghanathan and Johny helps in building a strong plot.

Kohinoor movie review & rating (Malayalam movie 2015)

Well the script written by Salil Menon and Ranjeet Kamala Shankar has done a great job. The Director Vinay Govind is able to successful bring an interesting story on the 70mm screen which attract audience and entertains them for the next 2.30 hours. The reason for receiving 3 star rating is because of the strong plot and lead actor’s impressive performance, good background score and entertaining dialogues. All these bring the movie in a ranking position of 3 out of 5. The analysis denotes the following minus and plus points

Plus points:-

Strong Plot, story line

Star performance- Above Average level

Background score- Interesting

Twist and Surprises- Good

Audience Attention seek- More than average level

Minus points:-

Lows down in the start

Slow start

Songs not that interesting

Climax needs to be more effective

These are all about the analysis or review of the movie.

The final verdict, you should definitely go for this Malayalam film as it includes all emotions with a complete package of entertainment.

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