Kichaka, (Keechaka Telugu) review, rating, response, story

Kichaka, Keechaka review, rating, public response, story (Telugu movie)

Keechaka (Kichaka) Telugu movie review, rating, public response and story are revealed on 30th October 2015. Kichaka move has received 2.5 staring out of 5. The story of the film revolves around the social issues of the society where common people need to sacrifice their dream and willingness. It has specially focuses on the women sacrifice for the society. This is women oriented movie where the problem faced by women’s because of not being financially strong they get humiliated and need to sacrifice many things for their living. How a women is treated with so much of pain inside her and how she handles himself in such situation is all in the film which is highly appreciated by the audience.

Kichaka, Keechaka review, rating, public response, story (Telugu movie)


  • The movie story line looks like many women centric films
  • The movie has same subject which audience has already looked in previous films
  • The audience going for this cinema can have a try where the such stories are directed ina very different way
  • Even after having common story plot, the direction has made the film unique from others
  • The controversy created by the film before release made it to attract more audience to cinema theatres
  • The film is said to have above average acting performance
  • Technicalities of the film are good
  • Sher and Kechaka both may stand at average basis
  • Go if you like to see commercial cinema

Plus points

  1. Unique direction
  2. Acting performance
  3. Music in touching
  4. Background score amazing
  5. Screen play are amazing

Negative points

  1. Common story
  2. Has many loop holes


The film has received a star rating of 2.5 stars and 5 stars from imdb. If we calculate, the film has got an average score of 2.5 ranking from the top 10 websites rating.

Final Verdict

Go and have a try if you would like to see women getting treated in a different way in a different societies.

Public response

The public response is mixed but has more of positive feedback. It is not able to impress Telugu film critics but the audience has appreciated the film giving positive evaluation to it.

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