Khatron ke khiladi all seasons winners name list from 1 to 5

Here is the whole information on Khatron ke khiladi all seasons winners name list from 1 to 5

We are sharing you Khatron ke khiladi all seasons winners name list over here from the first part of reality game show started in 2008. The show is all about making your fear go away by performing daring stunts and task given in the show. The show was initiated from the year 2008 which was firstly hosted by Akshay Kumar started on 21st of July 2008 and ended on 14th August 2008. The starting 2 game show were hosted by same Akshay Kumar and later on in the 3rd series Priyanka Chopra came into existence to host the game show from 6th September to 30th September 2010.  Then again when Priyanka was unable to make an impact on audience Akshay was appointed for the 4th series. Now, currently Rohit Shetty known as Indian Bollywood film director is hosting the show. The previous 5th term was hosted by same and even the 6th series is continued by him.

Khatron ke khiladi all seasons winners name list from 1 to 5

The following are the information of all term champions name list which are as follows:-

nethra raghuraman winner of khatron ke khiladi 1st season

The victor of 1st term was Nethra Raghuraman who is an actor works in India basically from Vadodara, Gujarat. She is well known for her beauty and great films like Bhopal Express, Chot, Good bye dear, Inteqam and Thakshak. She was born on 29th of November 1976 and got married with Kunal Guha who is a businessman of Singapore and even Indian cricketer son of Subroto Guha.

Anushka-Manchanda winner of 2nd season

The 2nd season was won by Anushka Manchanda who is a model, singer and even ex video jockey of Channel V. She is also an actress and playback vocalist. She is very talented as she knows to play various instruments like vocals, piano, tambourine, maracas, guitar and flute. She started her singing career from the tamil song and later came to bollywood and then after all this she was part of this game show where she takes the champions title.

Shabbir-Ahluwalia winner of 3rd season khatron ke khiladi

The 3rd series champion was Shabbir Ahluwalia. This game show was shot in Brazil and he came out of the total 13 contestants and won the trophy. He is a television actor who is also seen in films like Shootout at Lokhandwala. He got married with Kanchi kaul who is also a TV actress.

4th season winner of Khatron ke khiladi-Aarti Chabria

Now, the second last that is 4th season champ was Aarti Chhabria who is a model and actor in hindi film industry and even works in Tamil, Kannada and Punjabi films. She got popular after being the frontrunner of Miss India 2000 who is born in the year 1982. She is seen in movies like Lajja, Shadi no. 1, Partner, Anamika, Heyy Baby, Dus Tola, Daddy cool, Rajani, Toss and many others.

Khatron ke khiladi 5th season winner Rajneesh Duggal

The previous 5th season frontrunner was Rajneesh Duggal who is a model turn actor seen in movies like 1920, Be careful, Aranyam, Kaatu puli, Dangerous Ishq, This weekend, Spark, Creature 3D etc. He was declared as the conqueror of show on May 2014 and he is even a victor of 2005 Kingfisher model.

So these were the fear factor: Darr ka Blockbuster all term victors list.

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