Khamoshiyan 2nd day collection, money earned on Saturday

Gurmeet and Ali zafar movie Khamoshiyan 2nd day collection, money earned on Saturday

The exceptional dark movie of Gurmeet and Ali zafar’s Khamoshiyan 2nd day collection is 1.90 crores. The movie is different as Mahesh bhatt always comes up with a dark collection of films. He is specially known for love stories and dark horror films. According to the films reviews by etc channel trade forecaster and reviewer Taran adarsh speaks about the film saying it was not able to make a good impact on the audience and the film may only work because of some intimate scenes which can attract the viewers. The money earned on Saturday by the flick is 1.90 crore and was not able to beat the previous week released movie baby 9th day collection. Baby film earned more than the current films with having a 2nd Saturday collection of 2.50 crores. Khamoshiyan being a Vishesh films have adapt the opportunity to promote itself with its hit songs but it dint create that magic with its release. Even after being in competition with other following flicks it managed to collect 1.90 crores on Saturday.

Khamoshiyan 2nd day collection, money earned on Saturday

Let’s hope it create more buzz on Sunday and make more money. Ali zafar playing character as a writer Kabir falls in love with a silent girl in Kashmir slopes and then the entry of Gurmeet makes a love triangle between them. The film is given a heading line with its title name Silence have secrets which says that the girl they fall in love with is a silent girl who don’t speak much and have lots of her bad past secrets which she hides from them and lastly they get to know everything about her previous days.

Only 35 to 45% of film fans that is audience came for the movie as they were divided because of the competition of having 3 other flicks on the screens. Being released all over the country it was able to make only 1.90 crores on second day collection.

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