Katti Batti movie review by Rajeev Masand, Taran adarsh, Anupama

Katti Batti review by Rajeev Masand, Taran adarsh, Anupama Chopra

Fowarding you Katti Batti movie review by Rajeev Masand, Taran adarsh and Anupama Chopra is forwarded whose re-evaluation speaks about the chemistry of Imran and Kangana is pretty well on screen. The lead actor actress chemistry is the only good thing about the feature film and the pessimist feedback it received is plots are extremely poor. The re-consideration from Taran Adarsh is that the first half is manageable but after intermission there is nothing interesting left in it. But still the critics suggest going for it as everyone’s perception is different and may be you like the movie and we don’t.  It lacks in portraying the romantic drama and fails to impress audience at some point of time. Taran Adarsh review is it been video graphed in very non-linear pattern. The film starts with heavily drunk Imran Khan playing as Maddy. The first scene includes Imran mistakenly drinks Phenyl after he breaks up with is living in 5 years relation girl friend. After his suicide attempt his colleagues makes him understand to forget her girl friend as even after spending 5 years she left him so what’s the use of remembering her. But the unconvinced Maddy is still in search of question that why did she left him. The past flashbacks of college’s romantic scenes are presented. After this at present he gets to know that Kangana is getting married with her ex-boyfriend. He spontaneously catches Delhi flight to confront that does she still loves him? Reason behind having a break up with him ? The next half revolves around this unfold secret. The editing part, star acting performance, camera angles, cinematography, dialogue delivery are more than the par average level but it lacks in presenting a good story to the audience. Basically this doesn’t find much interesting for the audience and even critic Taran and he gives 2.5 star rating and suggests going for once to cinema.

Katti Batti movie review by Rajeev Masand, Taran adarsh, Anupama

Katti Batti review, Taran adarsh, Rajeev Masand, Anupama Chopra

 The other critic Rajeev Masand review unfolds that the plot and story line has many loopholes as the film has no relation with today’s young age romantic drama and even there is no more fascination in Live-in relationship, film writer is just able to show the couple fights, creepy house and few romantic bed moments and this is all about the end. The first half includes the break up scenes and the past flashback with some romance nothing else. The second half is boring but somewhere is able to attract audience to the movie story. Maddy character is not beautifully build and so he comes as uninteresting on the screen. No efforts are taken to build a good character and even a good story. The stereotype drama of Payal not able to commit for relationship because of his parents were divorced. Rajeev writes this is something seen in many movies as the live-in material Payal has no focus in life and just shift her job on regular basis. Writer Anshul Singh is not able to create the magic even in comedy scene as it find uninteresting. Scenes like South Indian boss saying ‘Yem for M’, watchman can’t speak as paan filled in mouth is no more interesting as being pushed to get comedy out of that.

Anupama Chopra review has more of optimistic views compared to the other two. She says that after re-assessment, gets to know that co-actors chemistry is good as couple, cinematography enhance some romantic scenes, editing is average, coming on star performance Kangana Ranaut hardly shares screen space and I wonder why did she signed film as neither there are many scenes neither she has a crafted character. Anupama here express that the versatile actors don’t look great with her act and Imran improves with his previous film but still has lots of space for improvement. Even the supporting cast is not that powerful in enhancing scene, neither the music are much entertaining.

The film final words go for it if you want like the romantic and there is nothing interesting in comedy. The romantic moments can attract the younger generation and film could have been better in many ways. I would like to give 2.5 star rating out of 5.

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