Kanche Telugu movie rating, review | Live updates Varun Tej

Kanche Telugu movie rating, review | Live updates Varun Tej

Kanche Telugu movie rating and review includes amazing response from the audience as Varun Tej, Pragya Jaiswal are phenomenal with their chemistry. The film evaluation states that has intense and emotional drama which keeps the audience stay connected till the last minute of it. The analysis speaks that the film plot is about pre-Independence period and World War 2. The expectations of film have increased after the positive reviews were out. Made under the direction of Krish, the film is said to be a romantic thriller movie where the lead actor Varun Tej desire to join army in his college days. After he is assigned for the army job, he leaves his love life and goes in the army to protect the country. He participates in the World War 2 but also stay connected through letters with his love. How the wins the war? How does the fight to stay alive in the war? Do he come back home or not? These question forms the rest of further story.

Kanche Telugu movie rating, review, Live updates Varun Tej

Kanche movie Analysis

Acting Performance

Actor Varun Tej brings intense side of his personality and you will get to see a complete different character from his previous film of Srikanth Addala’s Mukunda. After appreciation form this, he is again appraised for the current film performances by the critics. The character of soldiers and a lover is justified effectively by him.

On the other side, Pragya Jaiswal elegance and performance stands out her in a different position. She will be definitely appreciated by the audience after the film attracts more public on the first day especially in the evening and night shows. The character of wife and lover of soldier is also clearly portrayed by her. She leads some scenes with her great acting and natural dialogue delivery.

Negative lead by Nikithin Dheer is able to keep audience surprising and connected with his performances. Srinivas Avasarala and villain surely make a difference in the film by giving their contribution in negative characters

Technical and overall Review

The cinematography and the story plot both have such great chemistry that it creates more interest for the film in cinema theatres. Editing is superb as you won’t be able to make out any loop holes till the end. Acting performance as said was effortless and effective. Story is great and unique as very less film are made on such topic. The combination of war and love is perfectly portrayed in the film. The action scenes are hilarious and will for sure blow your mind. The huge World War scenes are unpredictable and they are so massive that audience stay stun looking at them. Negative character is successfully able to give his negative impact on audience. Dialogues are average but screen play adds a positive difference to the overall beauty of the film.

Positive and Negative evaluation points

  • Story line by Sai Madhav Burra is interesting
  • Great acting Performances
  • Cinematography
  • War scenes
  • Screen play
  • Music another highlight for film
  • Dialogue delivery

Negative assessment points

  • Interval part slow
  • Fast screen play at some scene

Final Verdict

Definitely a watchable film where love and war plays a major role, sacrifice and not giving up will be a clean message to the audiences.

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