Kanche takes hike with 4th day total collection, Telugu movie

Kanche takes hike with 4th day total collection (Telugu movie)

Kanche Telugu movie takes hike with 4th day total collection to a great extent. The difference between Friday and Saturday box office profit is far appealing by the film. Releasing on 22nd October, the film overseas revenues are very impressive because of its interesting story line. Telugu movie Kanche 4th day total box office collection is around 6.50 crores with occupancy rate of 50%. The movie attract 25% of the audience in the morning show whereas afternoon adjoining evening show increased till 45% and night show got a raise till 50%. The film maximum profit part is earned from USA where the Kanche overseas total 4 day’s box office collection is $ 319,937 that is 2.08 crores which is very good sign for the film.

Kanche takes hike with 4th day total collection (Telugu movie)

Let me give you information regarding the previous 3 days overall business where the 1st day (Wednesday) was $ 53,057, Thursday it collected around $46,751, Friday business increased till $99,482 and 4th day of Saturday box office is $ 120,647. Looking at the revenue, the film is business is increasing everyday till now.

Coming on to the domestic business, the film first day (Thursday) income was 5 cr, second day 5.50 crores, third day 6.30 and Sunday box office collection stands out with 6.50 crores.

The film released one day prior in USA i.e. on Wednesday whereas hit cinemas on Thursday in India.

Taran Adarsh overseas Business report (Trade report)

Made with budget of 12 crores, it has recovered it all and now is gathering the profit. Here is Taran Adarsh trade report for this film. Read, Shandar overall box office and Shandar 4th day collection.

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