Kallappadam movie review, rating, story

Kallappadam movie review, rating, story

Kallappadam movie has made a good mark on peoples mind as by receiving positive appreciated review by some of the critics and mix review from audience as everyone have a different mindset for each thing. On the basis of the reactions, the film has received 3 star ratings out of the whole 5. The movie stars Vadivel, Sreerama Santhosh, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli and Gaugin among which some of them are the lead actors. The film is basically working well on cinema because of its good story and great direction undertaken by J. Vadivel. Now let make some point to point discussion about the film Kallappadam review which starts with interesting and a unique concept story. The film basically has most of the thriller scenes after first half of the flick that is after interval. The moving picture is made under the production house of Iraivan films. The movie is appreciated for the film concept and the way it is carried till the last without distracting the audience interest. The film basically has the best cinematography which makes the audience comfortable in seeing it even from the lowest seats.

Kallappadam movie review, rating, story

The cameras in the film are handled very nicely. It is a medium pace movie which according to the requirement increase the scene narration on screen and sequences. The film has lot more in it to see then thriller scenes as even the acting performance of the actors is more than an average level of acting. The film is made for South parts of country that is in Tamil language. The Tamilians have really like the film concept and the way it is brought up on the Tollywood cinema. The film is produced by the first time turn producer Dr. Anand Ponniraivan. As we have stated above about the cinematography is done by S. Sriirama Santosh. He uses to previously work under P.C. Sreeram.

 Another thing which attracts the viewers is its songs and editing which is done under Gaugin, the editor of this film. The following are the full list of all audio song of this moving picture Hey Nanba, Kuppannae Kuppannae, llangaathe, Vizhithidu and Vellakarra Rani. These were hte following audio tracks which hits the film and attracts more audience.

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