Ivanuku Thanila Gandam movie review, rating, story

Ivanuku Thanila Gandam movie review, rating, story

Ivanuku Thanila Gandam movie has received very positive marks in the review section. The film has got 2.5 rating out of the total 5 stars. This film portrays various emotions of comedy and romance. Let us discuss about the film review and response by going through every point where the story of the film speaks about a television show host who has faced many failures in his life. Deepak Dinkar plays the character of the TV host. Later on he is invited for a party at night. In this celebration his life gets a new turn with a big change. The initial scene of the film starts while displaying Tasmac bar where you will get to see three friends Pandi, James and Sarvanan who have drank a lot and are in a hangover. They forget their target of murdering Kashinathan and other people for which they have hired a murderer Henchman Mark played by Naan Kadavul. Along with Kashinathan they have also ordered to murder girl friend of Pandi, his own girlfriend Deepika and Soodu Baskar. Finally they get successful in killing him. Deepak later on get to know all the incidents occurred that night and now even gets to know that his girl friend is going to get kill. So the way he protects her life, the further story goes on.

Ivanuku Thanila Gandam movie review, rating, story

The film has a suspense narration and is made under the direction of N. Shaktevel. The producer of the flick Venkatraj has casted the following actor in the film which are Neha Rathanakaran, Deepak Dinkar, Elango Kumaravel, Rajendran and Sentrayan. Even the cinematography is done on a very sharp level by R. Venkatesan. The music of the moving people has also won the hearts of audience which adds much crowd to the cinema theatres.

The tune of the songs is given by Prasanna, Sharan and Delip. The editor of the film is A. L Ramesh has done well job in editing every scene and making it more interesting with good frames. The film has more comedy sequences. It has released on 13th March 2015. The motion picture has already earned good response on its trailer itself so now for the film it is making more buzz in the film industry.

The next point we can come on is the actor performance will is above the average level especially by the lead actor. The film is based on the Television show of tamil naming with ‘Chinna papa periya papa’.

This is all about the film information which can make a total collection around 40 crores.

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