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IPL 2015 gives Rs 1150 crores of contribution in India’s GDP

According to survey lead by KPMG (Top financial auditing firm), Indian Premier League 2015 gives Rs 1,150 crores to India’s GDP. BCCI confirms the news that Rs 11.5 billion (USD 182 million) is contributed by the cricket league. Indian Premier League has earned estimated income of Rs 26.5 billion in 2015. This is the combined income of direct and indirect transaction done by this Indian cricket series.

IPL 2015 gives Rs 1,150 crores of contribution in India’s GDP

IPL 2015 gives Rs 1,150 crores of contribution in India’s GDP

The reports says that in the 8th season 20% of the audience were noticed coming outside from the host city. Even the survey analysed that people were coming from countries like UK, South Africa and Australia to watch these matches.

Rajeev Shukla chairman of IPL said that “It is great to hear the IPL has a positive impact on India’s economy and this is only the income in 60 days, Mind blowing”

“KPMG” survey not only let us know about the cricket league earning but also that how such series contributes in India’s growth towards success.

BCCI undertook this responsibility and gave this job to KPMG for knowing the positive and negative of such series to this country.

The identified benefits of such Cricket League

  1. Tourism development
  2. Foreign Exchange
  3. Generating employment
  4. Awareness about Sports games
  5. Helps in growing India’s Gross domestic product

Indian Country previous 5 years GDP (Gross domestic product)

  1. 708 trillion USD in 2010
  2. 88 trillion USD in 2011
  3. 859 trillion USD in the year 2012
  4. 877 trillion USD in 2013 year
  5. Estimated around $2.1 trillion in 2014-15


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