Interior Designing Project, Introduction, History, Different Styles

Interior Designing Project, Introduction, History, Different Styles, Process – Here we will provide you the whole Interior Design project which you can save it from the provided link provided below. This project can be submitted in the college if you are asked for an Interior Design Project related to the different styles of Interior Design, Elements of Interior Design. Like Space, line and other following elements. We will discussed you all the information what are the topics covered over here in this project in the below next headings. Also the importance of various elements in Interior, principles of Interior Design like Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis,  Harmony, Scale and proportion. The other details are been discussed in the below paragraph.

Interior Designing Project, Introduction, History, Different Styles, Process, Procedure, Steps, Role of Interior Designer, Questionaire, Client budget, Vastu Shastra

Interior Designing Project, Introduction, History, Different Styles, Process, Procedure, Steps, Role of Interior Designer, Questionaire, Client budget, Vastu Shastra


You can have this whole project on Interior Design from the below provided link. Hope you like the project and the points discussed in it.

Steps/Procedure of contract between client and interior designer in Interior Design

Here in this heading the following procedure between client designer are discussed like-


  1. Initial Meeting
  2. The Contract
  3. The Selection Process
  4. Procurement
  5. Project Meetings
  6. Delivery

These were the steps or procedure for contract between interior designer and client. The detail information is been in that project. Also the different Styles in Interior Design etc.

Interior Design Process

The whole process of designing like Research, Creative Design, Building a team, Specification, Completion are all the process of Designing the interior.

Role of Interior Designer

While contracting with the client, the whole role start to the end in the process of the completion of the project. What task he needs to undertake and how does he does all the work and manage to do the things are been discussed in that Interior Design Project.

Drawing and Sketches in Interior Design

In this whole project, drawing and sketching also play an important role as the designer needs to make the plan for the furniture and spacing it accordingly. Then it needs to be shown to the client and then the final decision is been taken.

Questionaire of Interior Design

The following questions asked in Interior design are provided in this project. And even the options are available in it. Each Question has minimum 4 options in the answer. According to the survey the percentage is been decided and even the pie chart is been provided in that. You can also say the survey of interior design and the bar chart of survey.

Client budget in Interior Design

The Design and the material is been used according to the budget of the client while interioring the house, bungalow, flat etc. So we have also provided the estimation for constructing or making a luxury room, house, Bungalow. The Client requirement for Luxury room, client requirement of material in Luxury room etc. are been discussed in detail in the project. The Budget of Normal Room 300 sq. feet. is also available in that assignment.

Vastu Shastra in Interior Design

This is also another important part in the process of Interior Designing. Vastu is said to be a bridge between man and nature. There are five elements in the Vastu Shastra Fire, Water, Earth, Space and Air. So all these are been discussed in this heading or topic in this project.

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