India vs Bangladesh Mauka Mauka ad (Quarter Finals)

India vs Bangladesh Mauka Mauka ad (Quarter Finals)

Finally the new India vs Bangladesh Mauka Mauka ad is released on its official network of Star Sports channel. The channel creates ad video after every Indian match get over. As soon as the match got over, the channel made an announcement about the next Indian match questioning about will they be able to make a win in the quarter finals or not ? Through this following advertisement video provided you below. It produces this advert because it’s the going on trends now-a-days. The world cup has created a big buzz all over the globe. This will be the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 44th match at cricket ground in Sydney. There will be four quarter final match which will be held on 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st March 2015 at Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide Oval and Westpac ground in Wellington among which India will have one of the match. If Indian cricketers would have lost the match with Zimbabwe then it would have faced Sri lanka cricket team by after losing 4 wickets in just 20 over’s with Zimbabwe, Raina and MS Dhoni partnership brought the match in their favour.

India vs Bangladesh Mauka Mauka ad (Quarter Finals)

The video of this match is not updated yet so till then you can have a look to the previous advertisement video. we will update you soon as we are waiting for the next video. have a look to this

The mauka man is again sad about the Indian team winning continues 6th match in the ICC Cricket world Cup. Now it won’t be much difficult for the Indian team to fight against Bangladesh. As if it would be Sri Lanka instead of this country then it would be far difficult for Indians to chase Sri Lankan’s. Raina with making more than 100 runs in the following match and MS Dhoni making more than 50 runs has won the Zimbabwe match.

So, this advertisement video portrays that will India qualify for Semi final match or not? This question arises in everyone’s mind and even this same question is raised in this advertisement where the mauka man wearing the Bangladesh jersey (t-shirt) supports the opponent team against Indians but as usual Indian are going to make a win and won’t give it back.

The Globe trophy will come back to this country is the hope everyone have in their mind and let’s see whether it will be true or not which we will get to know in semi or final match organised at Melbourne stadium. We will update you soon about the advertisement video as soon as it comes on star sports network.

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