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India: Moonwalking traffic cop is the next Michael Jackson

Look at the India’s Moonwalking traffic cop who can be the next Michael Jackson

India is the country where you will get to see many people breaking the rules of traffic maybe because of the mismanagement or by the kept for granted duty of traffic cop. Here, you will get to see a cop who is managing the vehicles in this own different style. His style is little different and innovative where he catches the peoples eye and make them realise their responsibilities. This cop name is Ranjeet Singh who is from Madhya Pradesh. This is the scenario of Indore city where he is allotted with duty. He manage the movement of vehicles by doing a moon walk between the roads.

India, Moonwalking traffic cop is the next Michael Jackson

He also speaks with the camera expressing his perception about the transportation management.

He express his views saying this “one needs to follow the rules of traffic as it is the most important things for the driver of automobile. If you don’t follow it can lead to someone’s death. Some people follow the rules and regulation and some don’t. So to make the drivers understand about the instructions of circulation of cars, bikes, truck and other automobiles, I regulate it by having some dance steps while the signals is off, making others laugh and entertain. This makes the public understand that for making you alert I do my job this way.”

He enjoys the work and people admire him and follow the instructions.  He try his best to makes them realise about this. Public enjoy watching me like and happily follow the regulations.

Now, even you got to know about this so please drive safe and follow the rules. Hope you like the video by Ruptly TV.

Really this is the end of humanity which happens only in India. Hope, this make you admire the same.

Some of the Traffic Signal Rules

Red colour – Alert you to stop driving and wait.

Green – Allowed to drive

Yellow- When this light on, it gives you a hint to be ready to start driving

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