India ka Tyohaar: Pepsi IPL 8 2015 theme Song official video

India ka Tyohaar: Pepsi IPL 8 2015 theme Song official video

Pepsi IPL 8 2015 official theme video song “India ka Tyohaar” is finally out by the Sony Six and Sony Max. The tune is released yesterday on 10th of March 2015 which discovers all the Indian cricket fans in it. The video includes Indian people cheering for their loving state team. The term India ka Tyohaaar means that forgetting all the sorrows between people we celebrate the Indian Festival of cricket. The Indian Premier League is like the Indian Festival which comes every year. Let us now discuss about the music of the jingle which comes in a category of sports. The audio of the track is composed by one of the greatest music composer of India. The lyrics of the Indian Premier Cricket League melody starts from “Ye hai India ka Tyohaar”. The track is made for the advertisement of the cricket league all over India and make it popularise in the minds of Indian people.The melody is provided in HD format also that in 1080p and 720p formats over here. The track is dedicated to all the Indian people who love seeing cricket matches. This track includes Punjabi, Muslim, south Indian and everyone from all parts of India in the music. Kho raha hosh hai, Tu yaar hai re some of the lines included in the lyrics of the track. The detail information about the complete video track is here along with audio and video song.

India ka Tyohaar Pepsi IPL 8 2015 theme video Song

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So, now i will describe you each and every details of the melody which starts with the Indian Premier League audio theme tone. A guy comes out of auto rickshaw, then people comes out in the balcony and watch these guys as they taking out all the music instruments from rickshaw. Even some girls are shown doing make up, then in the next sequence a place is displayed where a number of tailors are showing stitching clothes on machine. Later, small moments of various places are displayed where small kids and some drama artist are seeing cricket matches. Then in the cricket match a players bats a bowl to the boundary and all of them cheers up raising their hands in the sky. People starts dancing in buses, roads and enjoy the moment. In the further sequence a small kid is unable to see TV so a man standing beside him takes him and make him sit on his shoulder. Then the duplicates of Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are shown who are watching match sitting together. Next, a south India leaving his restaurant work is busy looking cricket match.

At last, a fielder on the cricket catch the bowl and everybody get happy cheering on the winning match and then everyone hugs each others. This way the melody ends. The League is starting from 8th April 2015 to 24th May 2015. The official sponsored of this 8th League is Pepsi cold drink Company.

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