Hyderabad man fools Flipkart by earning 20 lakhs

Hyderabad man fools Flipkart by earning 20 lakhs

News: Flipkart is online store selling mobiles and other product. Well there are many cases where the online sites are fooled by customers and even the many customers are duped by receiving unknown products which are not ordered. Veera Swamy is a 32 year man who from the last 20 months is misleading the online store by earning the value of products which are duplicate and fake. According to the Bangalore Mirror news, this guy residing at Vanasthalipuram situated in Hyderabad, orders online product and then returns it to Flipkart by replacing it with any other duplicate product. After doing so, he receives the actual amount from this e-commerce site to his banking account. According to the reports, till now he has ordered around 200 items worth Rs. 20 lakhs in the past 20 months.

Hyderabad man fools Flipkart by earning 20 lakhs

The news also reports that he used to create fake email ids and then make bank payments through these following accounts. After replacing and returning the products, he would get the complete value of the product transferred in his different accounts. Police inspector Pushpan Kumar incharge of Vanasthalipuram and this case reports that he use to place orders on the names of his wife, brother, neighbour, mother and father.

These cases are not new for the companies like Amazon and Flipkart, snapdeal because there are previous cases where customer received bricks instead of mobile, tailor’s shirt instead of ordered designer shirt. One of the case followed by Amazon was, a guy placed order of Rs. 64,500 and received the shipping box empty, without investing the case Amazon returned the money to stay away from media and to prevent negative news about site.

This is how the e-commerce sites misled customers and even they are duped by customers. So, stay safe when you order something from internet electronic commerce product selling websites.

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