HTC Re Camera Specification, Review, Price in UK US Australia India

The new launched and something new gadget which is never tried by anyone yet. Yes, the HTC Company recently launched a new gadget known as HTC Re Camera which is specially designed for the selfie photos. As there is a new trend going on in the whole world that is having a selfie photo of our self with mobile and we face some problem clicking the photos. So HTC with its new business strategy has launched new camera which is only for taking photos and videos. This is and 16 megapixel camera with video recording in 1080p. So, it can also record video in high Definition that is in Hd. The modern era has brought such a nice and easy using gadget where you can records the beautiful moments of your life very easily with this re camera. It is pronounced as “Ree” Camera of HTC. This is such a small device which you can handle comfortably and there is no problem in using it. This is designed like a tube and bend from upward where the camera is situated. This has a key feature of cross platform which means it can be used on Android and other Operating system IOS. There will be no problem for users for using it. This is available in 4 to 5 colours. This is really a rememberable gadget which is so simple in handling and clicking pictures.  Looking at it you will feel not so impressive but after having some of the pictures click from it, you will definitely become its fans. Yes, this is so beautifully design with light weight and the other feature is that it is waterproof, it means go can go under water and have the photo clicks. Isn’t it awesome to imagine and experience it? I Know now you will be curious to know about it so here below we will provide you Re camera Advantages and disadvantages with specification, reviews and the camera price in India and other countries like United states etc.

HTC Re Camera Specification, Review, Price in UK, US, Australia, India

HTC Re Camera Specification, Review, Price in UK, US, Australia, India

HTC Re Camera Specification

The Specification of the Re Camera are as follows:-

  • This is 16 megapixels camera
  • The lens of the camera is Scratch Resistant with f/2.8 aperture
  • It has a 146 degree of ultra wide angle photo capturing capacity
  • The Video Recording- [email protected] and also recording of [email protected]
  • Shape like Tripod mount
  • You can also have the photos on time-lapse and can have a slow motion recording feature
  • A Speaker which is in built
  • A Micro SD Card slot is available in it. (128 GB expandable)
  • The app of this Re camera works on cross platform on OS like Android and IPhone.

Now, as you must have got this information, we will provide you the HTC Re Camera Advantages and Disadvantages which are:-


  • Easy Handling
  • Shape is been designed like a periscope which let you handle easily and fits to the grip
  • Click photos easily by pressing the button on the backside with thumb.
  • Short press for capturing pics and long for video
  • Small in size with less weight
  • This is Water Proof, you can capture even in sea, water while swimming
  • Not compulsory to use it with HTC mobiles, it can be used with any other 4.3 running OS mobile of Android and other with IPhone.
  • Cheap at a price of $200 only
  • It is easier and more faster to click or snap than the available smartphones
  • You can watch the shoot while capturing as the built in wireless app allows you to watch it on mobile device when it get connected.
HTC Re Camera Specification

HTC Re Camera Specification


  • It doesn’t have an option of having a UHD video Capturing
  • The tripod socket for charging is made up of plastic which is comparably less durable than the metal made items.
  • It suffers from the occasional lag
  • The other option of 60fps is also not available in this HTC camera.
  • There is no power button but it turns on when we pick it up with the help of the sensor in it.
  • No display

HTC Re Camera Review

The Review of this camera are positive from many users as it is the most innovative device came across where it is so friendly in handling and clicking images. The vertical shaped tube of Re bends below side that is downside from the lens barrel which makes the camera more easily and friendly in handing with one hand only. The button for recording and snapping images is placed exactly on such a place where the thumb naturally comes. So, there is no problem in clicking. It turns on automatically when we touch the camera by its sensor.

HTC Re Camera Review

HTC Re Camera Review

It gets connected from through Wi-fi to mobile device. After it gets connected you can control it from mobile also.

It is expandable to 128 GB and 8 GB is made available with it.

Most of the users have liked the device saying in review that it is light in weight and small, nicely designed, comfortable in handling even with a single hand, get connected to mobiles easily, quality pictures, easily snap.

HTC Re Camera Price In India, US, UK, Australia

The information of the price of this are it is available for $199 in United States of America (US), $249 Price in Australia, £169 price in United Kingdom that is UK, an introductory Price of Rs.9,900 on Snapdeal in India and Rs.19,190 on Ebay India.

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