Hey bro movie review, Rajeev Masand, Taran Adarsh, Anupama Chopra

Hey bro movie review, Rajeev Masand, Taran Adarsh, Anupama Chopra

Here is the Hey bro movie review by Rajeev Masand, Taran Adarsh and Anupama Chopra who have given a complete brief overview of the movie. According the bollywood critic Taran Adarsh, the start of the film is pretty good but later on it loses interest and connectivity by the audience. The actors are not that fully convincing but below average level. Ganesh is not a professional actor and even though he is the lead of film.  The description says that the story starts with Ganesh acharya who lost his brother in childhood and he doesn’t have any idea of that. He only thinks that he is the only son of his father after growing up he get to know about his lost brother. He goes to his dad and has a conversation and promised him that he will bring his childhood younger brother back in his family and life. Then he gets outs in search or his brother. He does some activity which his against the law because of which he is thrown backside jail. He then starts crying, yelling. Later on, he gets to know that the inspector of that police station is none other than his brother. He goes and says him but he don’t believe it. Both the brothers are completely opposite in nature.

Hey bro movie review, Rajeev Masand, Taran Adarsh, Anupama Chopra

Rajeev Masand describes saying the one is very strict and rude i nature but other polite and soft. Both have great differences but still the blood relation connects them from each other. The other actors like Maninder Singh, Nupur Sharma are seen in a good roles but as even they are new to industry, it is very difficult for them to make a mark with their debut performance because they just need is experience which will make them feel confidence.

You will also get to see Prem Chopra after a very long time playing a character of father if Ganesh Acharya. Anupama Chopra says that the audience will be attracted by the film because of cameos in the film by big celebrities of bollywood like Hrithik, Amitabh, Ranveer etc. She also talk about the music review where she says that it is not that good except two songs of movie which have really rank themselves of chart busters Dj mera gana baja de and birju. The lyrics are very meaningfully written with every line giving some or the other meaning. The singers in the film have done a great job in spreading the awareness of the flick by giving a deserving voice to the songs.

The cinematography and shooting location were in India only. Hope when you got for the film you will enjoy it as it is 50 entertainment and then actions. You can also visit sites for having a look and response from ndtv, indian express and other new channels.

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