Google Safer Internet Day 2-minute Security Checkup on 9th Feb give 2 GB free

Google #SaferInternetDay 2-minute Security Checkup on 9th Feb Get 2 GB free

Google celebrate Safe Internet Day by hashtag #SaferInternetDay will review your Gmail account for safe online Security check up with 2-minute and will give earn you 2GB of Google drive storage for free. You have again got a chance to claw Google drive 2 GB bonus storage without any cost.

Google #SaferInternetDay 2-minute Security Checkup on 9th Feb Get 2 GB free

On 9th Febraury 2016, “Google celebrate a day to promote Safer Internet day” where this search engine is inviting people to perform a Security check up that will just take you couple of time which will bag you some extra storage space on your drive.

The search engine don’t ask you any complicated question, you can complete the process of the safekeeping you Gmail and drive account in 2 minutes by going through some simple question without any hesitation.

Steps to get Google Safe Internet Day Security Check up of your Gmail account

  • You just need to visit Security Check-Up page and then fill up your Gmail email address and password.
  • Login in to your account and remember your Gmail recovery details are correctly filled up by you.
  • Check the given security question
  • Double check when you last updated you previous password
  • Carefully look at history and check that there is no suspicious device login in to your account or connected to Google/Gmail account.
  • Spend some time in taking a tour by reviewing the apps and website accessed with your account.
  • Remove any unused apps or website from given list
  • Finally you are done with it.
  • 4 things will be checked in your Gmail account
  • (a) Recovery information
  • (b) Recent security events
  • (c) Connected device
  • (d) Account permission all this will be reviewed by “Google”
  • After this you will be given a message saying “Congratulation, to help celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, we have added 2 GB of free Drive storage to your Google account because you completed Security check up Thank you”.

After all this is done, you will be provided with 2000 MB space with no expiry. Therefore, now enjoy the extra space capacity!

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