Gmail New Feature: ‘Auto Reply to your emails’

Gmail New Feature: ‘Auto Reply to your emails’

Google has recently made an update in Gmail with a new feature including ‘Auto replies to your inbox emails’. Yes, now Gmail has got brain and has become more intelligent than previous versions. Now a question will be arising in your mind that how the new feature (Auto Reply to emails) works? Below is the answer.

Gmail New Feature ‘Auto Reply to your emails’

Here’s the answer, the service comes up taking a new step of responding your emails automatically. Now, if you don’t have time to respond on your inbox mails, then Gmail service will read your inbox message understand its nature, behaviour and subject and depending on these it will sort your message and reply to it automatically. That is it give your 3 types of responses and you need to choose the one that best suits you best for want you to say.

The Smart replies to your mails which have 3 options in it where you need to select one including what type of reply to want to give to person who in boxed you.

Google uses a machine learning to determine which messages are required for responses. So, without typing you message will be responded. Google unveiled Technology is moving is a new direction.

The world’s most popular email service, a web machine now includes a millions of web neurons in Gmail brain. It has made this new feature For example: analysing thousands of cat photo and then learn to identify a cat.

So enjoy the new feature of “scanning your inbox message and then giving a perfect response”

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