Full episode 1, 2 of Bigg Boss 9 written update | 12 October (10), 2015

Full episode 1, 2 of Bigg Boss 9 written update | 12 October (10), 2015

After the grand opening ceremony, Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble full episode 1, 2 {12 October (10), 2015} Nomination Special Double Trouble written update speaks that the show starts with a surprise where the contestants are asked by the big boss that which contestant bags you want with you. So they are asked come outside the garden areas with their bags. After listening this, the double trouble starts. Everybody decides which bag they need to keep with themselves and they need to wear cloths of the saved bags only may be its male or female. After deciding, at 3.15 pm night all of them bring their bags and keep in front of them. A crusher machine is located at the place they are standing. Roopal and Dingangana decide to keep Roopal’s bag and after this firm decision, the other bag of Digangana is crushed in the machine. Here they get surprised and Roopal starts crying. Aman and Keshwar decide to save Aman bag. Prince and Rochelle take a decision to crush Prince Bag. Rimi and Suyyash have a conflict to save one another’s bag and finally Suyyash unsatisfyingly chooses to save Rimi’s bag. Keith selects to keep Mandana’s bag and crush its own. Arvind and Ankit make effortless decision to keep Arvind bag.

Full episode 1, 2 of Bigg Boss 9 written update, 12 October (10), 2015

The next scene has a conversation between Keith, Suyyash, Mandana, Rochelle on the cloths. Keith says that he can’t take his won’t-shirt from Rochelle bag as one need to only wear his partner’s bag. Now, Prince gives some tips to Rochelle how to play the task and says that we four  Keith and Mandana needs to stays together but we won’t let this others know about it and wont nominate each other, this is how they can reach to finals. The lights gets off, everybody sleeps but at 5.30 Arvind’s snore make everyone awake as his snore doesn’t let anyone sleep. All of them have some comedy conversation. Arvind says that if the belt comes outside the bedroom below the glass then he will sleep outside and Ankit inside but then everybody sleeps.

In morning a song is played ‘Yeh dosti ham nahi chodenge’ everyone wakes up. Now, morning conversation starts with Arvind snore (kharateen) in the night. Everybody on the bed have some conversation. Now, Rimi ask about Ankit is he in relationship and here Roopal speaks that its before 2 years and now I am completely cool but Ankit is behaving strangely over here. Even Suyyash supports her as Ankit taunts Roopal again and again. Keith goes in bathroom and wears Mandana t-shirt and look very comedy. He behaves like a lady and makes everyone laugh.

Now, everyone is called for nomination. Aman and Keshwar nominate Ankit and Arvind. Prince and Rochelle nominate Suyyash and Rimi. Keith and Mandana nominate Roopal and Digangana as they work less. Roopal and Digangana nominate Ankit Gera and Arvind. Rimi and Suyyash nominate Ankit and Arvind. Vikas and Yuvika are nominated by Arvind and Ankit. At 6.45, big boss announces contestants who are nominated are Ankit, Arvind, Vikas, Yuvika, Rimi, Suyyash, Roopal and Dingangana.

At 7 pm, everyone says this is game so you should enjoy. Arvind dances in front of camera. Now, Viks and Yuvika talk about Arvind who is trying to adjust with us and this is a good sign as he is non-actors. Roopal and Digangana say that they are surprised that Vikas and Yuvika are nominated. Keith and Mandana do some masti with one another in kitchen. Again the night comes, all of them have comversation, Rimi says that in every season they have washing machine, freeze, micro-wave but this time it’s too much. She thought that half of the food comes from canteen and all and everything is scripted but here there’s nothing like that.

Again at half night, everyone gets pissed from Arvind snore and gets up. Vikas get up from bed because of Arvind and sleep at another place, Suyyash speaks on mike and say of BB that please sort out as this won’t work well. Because of all this, Arvind don’t sleep but Yuvika says him to sleep as even Vikas is snoring and then he sleeps.

Till now everyone is adjusting but slowly the patience is decreasing. This is how the Bigg Boss 9 full episode 1, 2 (12-10-2015) ends.

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