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Enable Whatsapp calling feature

Steps of how to Enable Whatsapp calling feature

Whatsapp developers have recently updated its application from 2.11.505 to 2.11.508 version which has Whatsapp Calling feature. Now the so called application is also adding the feature of calling for their user. Now anyone who is a user of this application can call to their friend at any time without any cost. The mobile data will be used for calling. Finally, Whatsapp has worked on it and it seems that user will be very happy using this feature. This will be one of the best qualities of this application which will attract more users to this instant messaging application. So now along with characteristics of sending videos, image and location, you can also call any of your friend who is using this app. It worked basically on the kitkat version of Android. You need to have a good internal memory so that it won’t hang up again and again as the new version size is bit more than the previous one. The developers have finally added this new feature which will now compete with the Blackberry and Facebook mesenger.

Enable Whatsapp calling feature

Requirement for using whatsapp calling:

  1. The user should have the version above 2.1 in their android phones.
  1. The user should have internet connection active on their cell phones.
  1. Tablets are not supported for calling feature.
  1. Should have enough memory to install the new version because the size is approximate 18mb and above.

How to activate Whatsapp calling in your device

  1.  You should install the new version of from the official website.
  2. To install the new version of whatsapp please click the below given link
  3. Save the new version and den click on install button.
  4. Finally your calling feature will be activated successfully
  5. There is an option to invite other friends also.

Now, more users will be getting more connected through this feature.

It has been declared that it is working on the Lollipop version of android successfully but many more version of android getting this version. The users just need to have this new version and check whether their version is supporting new feature of call. The supported devices for this functionality should be smart phones.

Guys I have to tell, What an App – Whatspp

Do try this new version and enjoy the calling feature

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