Dosti Ho Toh Aisi, Importance of True Friendship

                Dosti Ho Toh Aisi, Importance of True Friendship

                                             Dost ho toh Deepak Jaisa!!!

“Pyaar dosti hai and Dosti pyaar hai. Dost toh bhot bante hai lekin koi ek hi hota hai jo dil me basta hai”

Simple hai – Pyaar dosti hai and dosti pyaar hai.

Dosti Ho Toh Aisi, Importance of True Friendship

Dosti Ho Toh Aisi, Importance of True Friendship


Ye kahani hai 2 dosto ki Deepak aur Rohit

         Deepak and Rohit met in 5th standard Due to shuffle in division. Deepak was very quiet boy whereas Rohit was the most mischievous boy of the class, he was cool, handsome looking. Deepak use to sit on the 3rd bench and Rohit on the 4th bench behind Deepak. One day when Rohit came to the class, there was no space to sit on the bench and he started fighting with Deepak for space. Both were taken to the principal and got punished also.

From that day they both became each other’s enemy. Later on, after few days Rohit made a new friend Yogesh who was also a friend of Deepak. As the time passed, Rohit and Deepak started talking to each other and friendship started.

Deepak was staying at a distance of 2 km from Rohit’s place. One evening Deepak and Yogesh went to Rohit’s place and played together in Rohit’s society and enjoyed a lot. That day was the best day of Rohit. Rohit was very happy as he had made 2 best friend.

After 2 year

Deepak and Rohit became the best friend and everyone in the school used to know about this. Most of them were jealous of their friendship because they use to stay always together with each other. They enjoy their schools Picnics, Camps together and finally they reached their final year 10th standard.

When they reached 10th standard Deepak took admission in Multipurpose classes and Rohit took admission in Freedom classes. Deepak took admission with Yogesh in Multipurpose classes. Deepak tried to take admission in Freedom but as he had gone to his native place and came late so he dint got admission in Freedom classes. Yogesh who was with Deepak in Multipurpose was very tough guy. Who use to always fight and use to roam with street boys. One day Yogesh did fight with one guy in classes and because of Yogesh, Deepak’s name also spoiled and both were suspended from the classes. Finally, they took admission in Freedom classes. Again Deepak and Rohit was happy that they are together in classes.


Finally the board exam came of 10th class.

In 10th exam Deepak seat no was 11010 and Rohit seat no was 11011 backside him. They use to go for night out study at some or the other friends home. Rohit as was very cool use to sleep early without tension whereas Deepak use to study till the last moment of paper. (Isn’t this opposite… haha) Their friendship was blessed by the God. The board exam went smoothly. Deepak use to study so he helped in every paper to Rohit as he was having the next seat no. Deepak use to write the answer and then keep the paper a bit aside so that Rohit can copy it form that, who was sitting at the backside bench and showed all answers to Rohit. While Deepak writes the answer, Rohit use to attempt other answer of the paper and when Deepak get completing the answer he use to show him each and every answer. So here Rohit writes more than Deepak as he utilize the empty time till Deepak use to complete the answer. Later, Deepak was surprised when the result was out. It was 14th June when result was out on the internet website. And Deepak was like “Rohit dekh agar tujhe kam aaya toh jyada bura mat manana because tune isbaar padhai bhi nahi ki thi” and Rohit was like “thik hai yaar tension mat le mujhe sirf paas hona hai”

Rohit, Deepak and Yogesh went to cyber cafe and opened the website. 1st they entered the seat number of Yogesh. He got 50%. Then Deepak told to Rohit Yaar ab please tera daal seat no and Rohit told okay cool”, then he typed the seat no of Deepak. The result displayed 53%. Deepak was sad that he dint crossed 60% first class. Later on Rohit typed his seat no. and result displayed 58% and Deepak and Yogesh was looking at Rohit with very anger. Deepak told Saale kameene pura paper maine dikhaya and 58% kaha se aagaya tujhe”. Rohit laughed and said “Yaad hai history ke paper me World War 2 pucha tha and hum dono ko sirf world war 1 aata tha. Maine bola tha tujhe ki world war 1 hi likh de  World War 2 k answer mein but tune meri baat nahi maani, maine toh likh diya and dekh 5 % jyada aaya” and by telling this Rohit started teasing Deepak that he scored more. Deepak and Rohit was very happy that finally they passed and time came when they will go to COLLEGE. Deepak was confused about the stream whether to choose commerce field or science but Rohit decided to choose Science in 58% because he wanted to do engineering. So, even Deepak decided to go with Rohit decision. One day they both went to have food in Chinese corner and decided they both will do Science and won’t separate. Deepak also decided to do science. But unfortunately they dint got admission in Science field in any college and 1 year got wasted. Finally next year they filled the private form of 12th in commerce and took admission in one good coaching class and they passed the 12 with first class marks. Deepak told to Rohit “Kameene tere science ke chakkar me college ka jo maza rehta hai wo nahi le paaye. Ab chup chaap se ek college me admission lenge and full maze karenge ek sath. Kya bolta hai???”  Rohit was ready to listen to him this time. Both took admission in one college and took BBA course together. Now, a girl entered into Rohit’s life in the college…..

Deepak and Rohit both were enjoying their college life. Rohit started liking one girl and started talking to her. Deepak was happy that Rohit is having girl in his life. But somehow they both were going far from each other. Rohit use to come with that girl to college and use to go home with that girl and Deepak was feeling very ignored.

Even a new group was made in college where this both guys met new friends. The friends were very jealous about their both friendship, not actually jealous but somewhere Rohit was very entertaining, the day someone meets Rohit people start liking his behaviour and use to always be with him like “uske aage piche ghumna”. Rohit never understood Deepak’s Friendship. The new friends use to get Rohit aside from Deepak. The new friendship made Rohit go far away from Deepak as he use to always be with new friend and even in the evening he used to be with them. Deepak use to come alone in class and sit away from them and talk less with them. Deepak stopped talking with the entire group as he was not respected in the group and even Rohit never supported for this.

Deepak was thinking about Rohit saying Sahi hai. Ladki aayi, naye dost aaye toh apne is dost ko bhul gaya. School ki dosti ek ladki ke liye Bhool gaya”. Rohit was in love with that girl and even that girl was in love with Rohit.

Still one day, Deepak called Rohit for some work to go out with him but Rohit directly said No I can’t” (without thinking as Deepak always came and been with him whenever he need a help)

DeepakArre, please chalna, bahot urgent kaam hai”

Rohit replied saying “I told na, I can’t come, can’t you understand (Cut the phone)

His father heard this that he is talking rude with him, he saidyou talking this way, respect him and by the way where is he? He doesn’t come here, don’t lose such a friend, everyone is not so lucky to have such a friend”.

He took that for granted. Rohit started giving time to her and Deepak was being ignored was going far away from their friendship and upset with Rohit behaviour. It was very difficult for Rohit to understand Deepak about the current situation. Deepak stopped talking to Rohit and started ignoring him. They dint talk to each other for months. The day they became friends from school time, they use to go to classes and college together. Use to spend the whole day mostly together. If Deepak is late, Rohit use to wait for him at the platform but situation took a new turn and later when the behaviour of Rohit started changing he use to not even wait for him and use to go college for girlfriend every day. Rohit till 3 months dint even realized that his friend is being going far away from him. Later, Rohit got to know that he is doing something wrong with his friend. The things may be their friends wanted to separate their friendship got succeeded but this was not realized by Rohit. So, after realizing one evening after months, Rohit went to Deepak’s place and met him and told him saying “What happened, what’s wrong, why you are not being the way you are, you are not talking with me”.

Deepak said You realizing this now, you are coming and asking me all this now after 3 months. U dint noticed in the 3 months, go to your that friends with whom you always be with”. “Why have you came here”

And he started crying saying Please go and don’t come here. You have never understood me and you coming now and giving your explanation. I have never made other friends the day we became friends. I dint made anyone because I never felt the need to make new friends but today I feel really alone and regret that why have i not made friends except than you”. “You never supported me when there used to be fights in group with me. You never took a stand for me, never said the other person please he is not wrong, never”. “I stand here alone every evening at my building gate because there is no one to whom I can meet and talk”. “Please go, I don’t need anyone as i have got the habit of staying alone so don’t spoil it again, maybe you will be the same after months because if you dint understood my friendship in last 7 to 8 years then whats now”.

Rohit realized the mistake that he has come far away and left the old friend back.

Rohit said Kyu aisa kar raha hai. Saale mere life me mera sirf ek hi dost hai aur wo tu hai. Ye baat tujhe bhi achi tarah se malum hai fir kyun ye sab natak. Haa mai janta hu ki tujhe kam time de raha hu lekin bhai samajh yaar mai us ladki ko sach me bahut pasand karta hu and even she luvs me a lot. Aise chod nahi sakta yaar usko. Jaise tu mere liye jaruri hai waise hi uske liye mai bhi zaruri hu“.

Deepak smiled and told Rohitbro it’s not about the time it’s about the support, damn I use to go college alone and stay alone, you use to don’t even wait for me as your girlfriend will get angry, bahut bada ho gaya tu bhai. Samajhdaar bhi ho gaya.”

Later after some discussion they both hugged each other but somewhere Deepak was not satisfied with this as he knows somewhere he will change again. Then they went to movie that night. The movie was SONA SPA. Naseerudin shah’s 3rd class movie but they both enjoyed a lot with all empty seats in the theatre. Only 12 people came to watch that movie and they enjoyed the movie laughing on every 3rd class scenes. There was nothing to watch in movie but still the dullness of the movie and the odd scenes which were so pathetic then too they enjoyed watching such a bullshit movie. Finally, the money got wasted but friendship took a new stage. Rohit use to take Deepak along with him sometime when he use to go for movie with his gf. The relation of Deepak with Rohit girlfriend was not that good as she use to not like Deepak even after being a good friend of Rohit or maybe Deepak had the misunderstanding about this thing but Deepak was happy that Rohit is in true love.

Guys let me tell you one more thing Deepak was even in luv with girls but the problem was not 1 girl. He used to love many girls. Hahahaa…

Again after months the same things happened Rohit kept him for granted and here the thought Deepak had that he would change again, came true. But Deepak as he was knowing this is going to happen he dint felt that bad at this time.

He used to be away from Rohit without making him realize that he is still having some grudges for him. They both completed their graduation and passed with 1st class. Later on, they both gave entrance exam for MBA but Deepak did not made the passing marks and was not eligible to do MBA that year. Rohit cleared the exam and took admission in one MBA college and Deepak decided to work in some company. As Deepak always thought of being together like same college, same enjoyment, dint worked this time. So, he went on another track Deepak started working in some mobile company and Rohit’s girlfriend is also working with one international company. Deepak sacrificed a lot for Rohit and sometime Rohit was very selfish but he was true from heart but somewhere he is being in his own world of enjoyment and he don’t realize what’s else is going bad with Deepak and his family and other problems as he use to meet sometimes in 2 to 3 weeks to Rohit.

Then after 1 year, Deepak decided to study again further and because of further studies he went out of station.

Then after when there was no one with Rohit, he realized that he has made a big mistake of losing a good friend. As while he was doing MBA, he felt that all his college graduation friend were just a friend nothing else. He realized that all here are selfish his society friends, college friends everyone in this world, as people just make their work done and let off. There when he realized all the past and the current situation with Deepak.

One day suddenly they were chatting with each other and because of some topic, Deepak said everything to him on chat about the grudges he still had for him. Rohit realizing his mistake and cried a lot and even got to remember his father’s word that Everyone is not so lucky to have such a true friend”.

Then when Deepak came back, they talked and cleared all the doubt and grudges, the whole situation worked out and now he know the respect of a true friend.

Till today they meet in the evening and enjoy their day in their style. Roaming together on bike and have the roadside chicken and Vada Pav even after knowing the fact that after having this their stomach is going to pain a lot but still they use to eat all the junk food and enjoy having the soda which Rohit use to like a lot. They don’t need anyone to enjoy. They enjoy in themselves.


Here in this story the moral comes with a message saying that “When we have the things with us, we don’t respect them and when we lose that thing or go far away from us. We realize its importance”

As said in Hindi “Jab koi cheej tumare paas hoti hai, tum uski kadar nai karte, lekin jab vo tumse dur chali jati hai, tumhe us chij ka ehsas hota hai ki tumne kya khoya hai

We would like to give an example of this by saying “Insan ki kadar uske marne ke bad hi ki jati hai”

Why because “The one who has something don’t respect it and when it is not there with you, you feel the importance”.

So always respect what you have with you, maybe it’s a living or non-living thing.

“Marne ke baad ansoo bahane se kya fayda, jab apne uske jiteji uski kadar nai ki”.

Here, Rohit was lucky enough to realize and dint loosed the true friend.

Nowadays people are interested in making many friend but being loyal to them is more important. Make few friends but make sure that the friendship last for long.

Deepak and Rohit are together till date from the day when they met in 5th standard. This is called friendship.

                     “Dost ho toh aisaa warna Dost toh har koi hote hai”

I hope you enjoyed this story. Keep reading and keep loving. Share if you like and comment whatever you feel reading this.

Have a good day!!!!

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